93% of users are curious about the Metaverse

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Since November 2017, when Bitcoin and other leading tokens reached their peak, the cryptocurrency market has been volatile. The market has struggled to stabilize since then. The Metaverse and its related features and opportunities are still attractive to customers across all industries.

Capgemini conducted research into the impact of immersive experiences on customer service and experience in online spaces, such as Metaverses, digital platforms and websites. Nearly 60% of the 8000 respondents to the survey stated that immersive experiences are valuable features when it comes to choosing and purchasing a product or service. Over 75% of consumers anticipate that the Metaverse will influence their interactions with brands and peers online in the future.

The survey found that 93% of respondents were interested in the Metaverse, and 51% said that they would use it if there was no limitation to accessibility.

70% of brands and organizations surveyed believe the Metaverse and online immersive experiences can offer a competitive advantage in customer service.

Metaverse adoption: Challenges

Charlton Monsanto, head of immersive experiences, said that the Metaverse that deals directly with customers still needs to be sorted out before adoption can occur. These problems include limited access and privacy. He said:

“The metaverse has great potential and consumers are still curious.”

Brands that are tech-forward face challenges in communicating with consumers because of limited access and education. The report notes that there are many applications at both the consumer and internal end. Large-scale immersive technology implementations are not common, and Metaverse applications are just now emerging.

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