An Intelligent Trading and Automation Platform for DeFi – Sponsored Bitcoin News

An Intelligent Trading and Automation Platform for DeFi – Sponsored Bitcoin News 1
An Intelligent Trading and Automation Platform for DeFi – Sponsored Bitcoin News 2

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Although the decentralized financial space (DeFi) is not new, it has experienced tremendous growth of over $37 billion. As a result, the sector has attracted a lot of attention, leading to the recognition of its many vulnerabilities. As a result, many projects addressing these issues have grown steadily. Although work is underway at a record pace to address these issues, the sector still has much to modernize.

Improve theFi experience

One of the challenges of the DeFi is CyberFi, a start-up that aims to provide intelligent exchanges and advanced automation to make the DeFi user-friendly. The project is a next-generation intelligent trading and automation platform (ITAP). It is described as a multi-product ecosystem that includes automation products and aims to extend the capabilities of DeFi.

CyberFi is the first platform of its kind to bridge the DeFi business gap by addressing several issues, including high fees, specific barriers to entry, divergence and poor user experience.

It works by combining a decentralized trading platform, an intelligent automation system for complex DeFi strategies, and an inter-chain layer to support DeFi automation. By combining these features, the platform eliminates manual processes in DeFi applications that lead to gas wars, overpayments, stress and frustration, and the constant need to be on Uniswap.

Benefits of using CyberFi

With CyberFi, traders benefit from the functionalities of central exchanges on decentralized exchanges (DEXes) and liquidity pools. For example, the platform offers automatic order execution based on Price Deviation Indicators (PDI) and Best Trade Value (BTV). While trading on DEXes liquidity pools requires manual interaction with the trader to enter or exit a position, CyberFi’s price divergence indicators, available through Oracles, allow traders to use leverage for automated order execution.

This feature is currently available in Uniswap, with an update frequency of 40 to 60 seconds. However, CyberFi is working on an update that will handle instantaneous price flows from multiple exchanges with a 10- to 30-second delay. This iteration will use the BTV concept, which automatically finds the best prices and lowest royalties available. In this way, the system will provide market participants with a stress-free experience and minimize the manual processes they must follow to trade on the DEX.

CyberFi also uses PDI Change Speed (PDICS) to provide traders with tools to mitigate the risks associated with volatile assets. This feature allows traders to set trading limits based on price or percentage loss over time for specific markers. In addition, the platform is working with theFiD community and key players to improve the analytics models currently available.

CFI insignia

The CyberFi ecosystem has its own token, the TPI token. It is primarily used to cover commercial payments on the platform. The TPI also offers discounted rates and access to unique products. In addition, CyberFi users can use the IPT for multi-channel transactions. CyberFi will not be charged by the CFI. Instead, the company will distribute 80% of the funds to the community to provide cash, increasing the value of the token. The remaining 20% will serve as a source of revenue for the ecosystem.

The total stock of CFI is 2.4 million pieces. In dissecting how it distributes the coins, CyberFi noted that it will offer 800,000 CFI for the Alpha and Cyber Towers, where it will release 20% of this amount in the first week and then 10% of the remaining amount on a weekly basis. The project will then offer 500,000 CFI to strategic partners with a lock-up period of six months. After that, 300,000 CFIs will be installed. Another 300,000 will go to community development and marketing. Of the remaining 500,000 CFI, 250,000 CFI will fund the liquidity team, 200,000 CFI will fund LP and participation fees, and 50,000 CFI will fund the deal mining program.–-Sponsored.jpg

Strategic Partnership

To enhance its platform, CyberFi has joined forces with leading players in cryptography and DeFi. Notable investment partnerships include a partnership with the Ferrum network to develop a DeFi ecosystem that communicates across circuits to remove barriers to mass adoption. This agreement included the development of a solution that provides an automated ring and offers users enhanced earning opportunities.

On the infrastructure front, CyberFi has partnered with DEXTools to provide accurate, low-latency Uniswap data to the CyberFi platform. This partnership will help users get the most out of CyberFi’s automation by leveraging the latest business data to develop automated investment strategies. And to manage the volume of transactions these automated exchanges are likely to bring, CyberFi has begun integrating the Matic network into its platform. This will result in more efficient and less expensive Tier 2 transaction capabilities and greater efficiency.

CyberFi also announced that it has integrated Oracle Chainlink services, giving platform users access to their state-of-the-art pricing. This means CyberFi users can rest assured that they are making decisions based on fair market prices that are resistant to outside manipulation. And because Chainlink offers unparalleled reliability and security, CyberFi users never risk losing access to this data or having reason to doubt its validity.

Public beta exchange

The development of the CyberFi platform has so far exceeded the expectations of its founders and first users. Things have progressed so quickly that the platform has announced the launch of a public beta version on January 27. The public beta includes extensive automation of liquidity and limit order management.

The beta version of Liquidity Pool Automation currently includes four types of Smart Orders. The system allows users to create triggers to control the addition and withdrawal of liquidity, as well as to automatically sell certain assets from the liquidity pool and terminate extraction programs. This provides users with maximum flexibility to manage their participation in the liquidity pool without having to monitor their holdings.

As for limit order automation, the beta version includes functions to process both standard limit orders and cross limit orders. But both features use order flows with a single TX, saving gas costs and avoiding upstream investment attacks. CyberFi has achieved this through its innovative use of out-of-chain transaction storage – transactions are pre-authorized and stored privately until the execution event occurs.

All in all, it’s an exciting time to be a part of CyberFi. And as industry partners continue to collaborate and the platform continues to evolve rapidly, it will only get better from here. It’s the birth of a whole new era of WiFi – where users get total control, flexibility and ease of use, all at the touch of a button.

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