BitKeep CEO warns users of risks with their wallets

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The pseudonymous CEO at BitKeep, Kelvin Como has warned users that their private keys could be at risk due to a security breach on Boxing Day. A note published on Odaily, a Chinese blockchain publisher, states that the attack has caused more than $13 million in losses and wallets are still at risk.

Como stated in the letter that he believes the incident was part of a major hack which led to compromise of wallets and data containing critical information about private key. Como wrote:

This was a massive and terrible hacker attack. BitKeep APK 7.2.9 (Android Kit) installation package was stolen and swapped by a hacker. As a result, users had already installed APKs that were injected malware by hackers. This led to a leakage of private keys em>

Como encourages users who have downloaded the Android Package Kit, to move all their digital assets to a different wallet address. This will eliminate the possibility that additional wallets could have their private keys and other important information stolen. The CEO stated that it is likely that users who have downloaded the APK may have had their private keys leaked.

OKLink data shows that the attacker created a series of fake BitKeep websites in order to trick BitKeep users into downloading the fake APK. OKLink reported that hackers have received more than $7,500,000 in cryptocurrencies, including DAI, BNB and UDST.

Como explained that the team behind this exchange had already reached out to security firms to track down and recover stolen funds. Como wrote: ” We actively collected information regarding users’ stolen assets and made a complete recall of hacking procedures, timeline and have collected evidence about the Android 7.2.9 APK malware.”

Coin Insider’s BitKeep CEO warns users about risks associated with their wallets

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