Bull Perks: The fairest and most community-dedicated platform giving access to early-stage deals

Bull Perks: The fairest and most community-dedicated platform giving access to early-stage deals 1
Bull Perks: The fairest and most community-dedicated platform giving access to early-stage deals 2

Bull Perks (Bull is the most popular cryptocurrency exchange in the world) is a community-powered platform that gives early access to the hottest blockchain deals, in exchange for tokens. The network is going to be completely decentralized, and it will be the first of its kind to have an incentive driven structure.

Are you a startup entrepreneur? Or are you interested in cryptocurrencies? If you are, you should come check out Bull Perks. It’s a platform for early-stage cryptocurrency deals that will give you access to deals before they go live. Here’s how it works. Every day, the site posts 10 deals, starting at 6pm EST and going to 12pm EST. The first 10,000 people to sign up with their Bitcoin wallets will get access to the deals. The first 10,000 people to sign up with their Ethereum wallets will get access to the deals. The first 10,000 people to sign up with their Litecoin wallets will get access to the deals. The first 10,000 people to sign up with their Dash wallets will

Taurus still sounds like a good title, doesn’t it? We know all too well the elusive confidence that bulls inspire, especially in the crypto-currency market. However, this term can also be part of a broader picture. And Bull Perks seems to be doing something similar. Bull Perks is a decentralized venture capital community and multi-channel platform for startups. The purpose of the platform is to give users access to exclusive projects that are not available to the average trader at basic prices. Bull Perks aims to promote inclusiveness by offering holders a range of investment-grade alternatives. BullPerks encourages its community to vote on investment choices to select the best projects. Although BullPerks focuses on finding the next unicorns, users have the opportunity to support the project of their choice.

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BullPerks was founded by Eran Elkhanani and Konstantin Kogan. Elkhanani is also the founder of Part One Capital, a cryptocurrency investment firm that specializes in DeFi, NFT and protocols. He has also served as an advisor to a number of cryptocurrency companies, including Liquidifty and Bakerdao. Mr. Elkhanani is an experienced angel investor and a partner in a venture capital firm. He has degrees in medicine, computer science and mathematics. Kogan is a partner at BitBull Capital and has been an entrepreneur and investor in digital assets since 2012. He has more than a decade of experience leading companies in the technology and financial sectors and is a strong proponent of blockchain technology. He was also a managing director of Wave Financial. Kogan holds a PhD in sociology and has co-authored 3 academic papers. He is also a contributor to CoinDesk, CoinTelegraph, Bitcoin Magazine, Tech Radar, AltCoin Magazine, Securities.io and Hacker Noon. The rest of the BullPerks team, including the CTO, CFO and everyone else, are dedicated to the project and united by a common passion for blockchain, cryptocurrencies, technology and finance.

How BullPerks Work

Unlike most venture capital firms that have turned into exclusive clubs, BullPerks offers equal access to investment opportunities to anyone interested in blockchain projects and startups. This way everyone, not only venture capitalists and angel investors, can contribute to the financing of the project. The platform uses an equity-based investment model to provide investors with sufficient protection and returns. With BullPerks always on the lookout for new blockchain companies, there’s room for everyone. They are also aware of applicable regulatory standards, resulting in a secure investment platform for the next generation of blockchain startups. If you want to invest in different projects, you have many options. To participate in the platform, they must first purchase BullPerks ($BLP tokens). After purchasing the required number of PLB chips, customers can choose the level that best suits their strategy.

Investment system based on tolls

PLB token holders are divided into four categories. The groupings of levels and assignments are shown below: The Bronze Bull level is an entry level for investors requiring only 500 BLP tokens as an initial investment. Bronze bulls, on the other hand, can only buy IDOs at a public auction on BullPerks. Users must have at least 10,000 BLP chips to qualify for the Silver Bull category. Silver buyers get 20 percent of the third transaction and 25 percent of the fourth transaction, which amounts to 23.75 percent of the four transactions. A minimum investment of 100,000 BLP chips is required to participate in the Gold Bull category. The first and fourth contracts provide for a 50% payment to the Gold Bulls, while the third contract provides for a 30% payment. This represents an overall spread of 32.5% across the four operations. The Titanium Bull category is the final level. All investors with 200,000 BLP tokens have access. The Titanium Bulls will receive 50% of the first, second and third transactions, and 25% of the fourth. For investors in Titanium Bull, the total return on funds from the four transactions is 43.75%.


BLP is the native token of BullPerks, and the total stock is 300 million. The allocation of runners is as follows:

  • Treasury: 27.5%
  • Liquidity and remuneration of offers : 20%
  • Token sale : 19.5%
  • The team: 13% (1 year cliff and then 8.33% per month)
  • Base: 10%
  • Council: 5% (8 months break, then 8.33% per month)
  • Operation: 5%

Every two months, the level and number of tokens will be reviewed and possibly changed due to price increases to facilitate the migration of bulls between levels and the entry of new bulls.

Financing and investment history

BullPerks’ key investors include MoonWhale, X21, Follow The Seed, GD10 Ventures, Shima Capital, Three M Capital, AlphaBit and BlockSync Ventures. BullPerks recently closed a private funding round that raised more than $1.8 million.

Milestones and future roadmap

BullPerks has a lot of exciting developments coming up, and the IDO takes place on the 14th. June 2021 introduced. The IDO is deployed on three leading platforms: ZeroSwap’s ‘ZeeDO’, TrustPad and BSClaunch. IDO by TrustPad will be launched on the 14th. June and ZeeDO’s BSClaunch and ZeroSwap will kick off on the 16th. June published. BullPerks also plans to integrate other channels such as Solana, Polygon, Tezos and Cardano in the next quarter.


With the upcoming launch of their IDO and other exciting projects in the coming quarters of this year, BullPerks is sure to become a game changer and play an important role in the development of decentralized venture capital solutions for the community at large. This, combined with their multi-chain startup services, has great potential to change the blockchain and crypto-currency industry for the better. For more information on BullPerks, visit their website, Medium, Telegram and Twitter. word-image-7065 . He is one of the very first enthusiasts of blockchain and cryptocurrency in India. After working in the field for several years, he founded IBC in 2016 to help other early adopters learn about the technology. Before joining CBI, Hitesh founded 4 companies in the field of cyber security and IT.

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