Crypto stocks surge by nearly 75% over the past two weeks

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Coinbase, a cryptocurrency exchange, has seen a 70% increase in its value since the beginning. It had only seen green growths since the beginning. Although the exchange is seeing gains, Coinbase’s native token COIN is still at almost 85%, a dip from its peak.

These steady increases follow Coinbase’s previous year of struggling to maintain revenue. Coinbase had to reduce nearly 20% of its staff and close its Japanese offices.

Cryptocurrency stocks see a significant increase

Coinbase has enjoyed a great start to the year. MicroStrategy, an intelligence and tech company, has seen almost 75% growth since December. Block Inc, the company that Jack Dorsey founded on Twitter, also saw a 25% increase in the same time period.

The market appears to be recovering from 2022’s losses. Bitfarms saw an increase of 140% and Marathon Digital Holdings saw an increase of 120% in the past two weeks. The industry is far from its peak, however, if you look at the values in the last year. The market could see an increase in value that will lead to the next crypto summer.

After spiking about a week ago, the industry has seen a steady start to the year. Bitcoin is now at $20,000 and Bitcoin is above that mark. Inflation figures against the United States were released at the same time as the Bitcoin surge ($BTC). The token saw steady gains since December 31, which could be a result of inflation figures against the United States that were released around the time Bitcoin ($BTC) surged. This seems to have been the point where the cryptocurrency market reached a bottom before rallying again.

With Bitcoin holding a healthy 40% share of the market, the total market cap for Bitcoin has increased to a trillion dollars.

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