Decentralized Storage Project ColdStack Becomes First IDO On SuperStarter Launchpad

Decentralized Storage Project ColdStack Becomes First IDO On SuperStarter Launchpad 1
Decentralized Storage Project ColdStack Becomes First IDO On SuperStarter Launchpad 2

Decentralized Storage Project ColdStack Becomes First IDO On SuperStarter Launchpad 3

As with all things crypto, the launch of SuperStarter has been heavily anticipated. Among the first ICOs was Coldstack, a decentralized storage project that is designed to help people secure their data. The SuperStarter Launchpad has seen a number of other projects launch their ICOs in the past few months, but Coldstack is the first that aims to provide an IDO for people to buy into rather than an ICO. This, the team hopes, will make it easier for investors to purchase the tokens as there is no need to sign up to an exchange or use a cryptocurrency wallet before buying.

The SuperStarter launchpad already helped a quarter of a million people with their blockchain related projects. The blockchain-based IDO platform SuperStarter is ready for the next big step: the creation of the first decentralized storage project. ColdStack is the first decentralized storage project to launch on the SuperStarter platform. We at aminexchange are proud to be a part of this project.

Decentralized Storage Project ColdStack Becomes First IDO On SuperStarter Launchpad 4

Tallinn, Estonia, 9. May 2021,

SuperStarter, a curated token startup platform recently launched by SuperFarm, has announced the first project to make an initial DEX offer (IDO), it will be ColdStack, a promising decentralized storage project that promises to dramatically reduce the cost of data storage compared to its competitors, even centralized ones.

DCO whitelisting began on May 4 at 20:00 UTC and ended on May 6. May at the same time. The presentation of the medals will take place on the 10th. May at [time]. To join the CLS token OID, interested parties must register on the white list using a special form.

The CLS token is a native token for ColdStack and is used to pay for platform services when storing data. Fees are charged to users who store and retrieve their data, and may be assigned to miners who operate ColdStack nodes and store the data. In addition to storage requirements, CLS must sign and authorize transactions on ColdStack and pay for the issuance of NFTs and other related transactions. The CLS token will also entitle its holders to participate in the DAO, allowing them to participate in the management of the platform, including adding new nodes to the network and handling disputes.

The CLS token launches with an initial market capitalization of $737,500, with 1,475,000 CLSs outstanding. Private and strategic investors will each receive an additional 10%, with a one-month lock-up period and a nine-month linear lock-up period. Team tokens are locked in for 12 months and are subject to a linear exit schedule for the following 12 months. The tokens from the public sale will be fully released and the remaining 50 million CLS will be distributed to the community through cash mining and the DAO ecosystem fund.

We are excited to have our first project on SuperStarter, our new Tier One IDO listing platform, says Elliot Weinmann, founder of SuperFarm. As promised, we are focusing on quality over quantity, and we expect ColdStack to become an aggregator for all decentralized storage platforms, with great potential to surpass all existing solutions in the market.

SuperFarm published a detailed study of ColdStack, based on which it decided to place the project on the list. ColdStack is an aggregator of all existing decentralized storage networks under a single dApp, providing seamless access to Web3’s storage potential. ColdStack is in Polkadot’s ChaChaCha parachute test, and ColdStack is about to move to the main network with the rest of Polkadot’s parachute network. A number of prominent investors have supported ColdStack in its quest to bring Web3 storage together, including GBV, Spark Capital, Black Edge Capital, AU21 and many others.

OID marks the beginning of an exciting new era for ColdStack, and we are proud to make our debut on SuperStarter, said Alexander Shishov, CEO of ColdStack. With the support of our investor partners and, most importantly, the community, we are poised to revolutionize distributed storage.

About Superfarm

SuperFarm is a DeFi cross-chain protocol designed to make any token useful by turning it into an NFT farm without the need for code. SuperFarm bridges the gap between today’s crypto-ecosystems and the burgeoning gaming industry. NFTs from SuperFarms and official partner farms will be useful in real AAA video games. In this ecosystem, NFTs are no longer mere pixels on a screen, but have the power to trigger a unique digital experience.

About ColdStack

ColdStack is a decentralized cloud aggregator: It is the world’s first service to aggregate decentralized data stores like Filecoin. By optimizing storage solutions through an AI-driven pipeline, ColdStack provides users with the most cost-effective and secure way to store files. ColdStack has a unified API that is compatible with Amazon S3, giving users easy access to decentralized storage solutions. ColdStack is aimed at mass storage of data that is rarely accessed, but needs to be stored permanently. Our token system also allows users to easily create and store their own NFTs and use these assets in any NFT market.


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