Doge Killer Coin (LEASH) Price Dead – Time to Buy a New Dogecoin Killer?

Doge Killer Coin (LEASH) Price Dead – Time to Buy a New Dogecoin Killer? 1

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The Doge Killer price has plummeted since its first pump. we review why the LEASH coin is going under and compare it to a potential Dogecoin killer.

Doge Killer Coin

Doge Killer (LEASH) started trading in April 2021 and was first tracked by CoinMarketCap at $571.

Then, in October 2021, Doge Killer pumped to an all-time high of just over $7,900 – the same month Shiba Inu ended its bull run with a blow-off top.

LEASH token is part of the Shiba Inu ecosystem – SHIB itself has been dubbed the Dogecoin killer, although since its peak today, SHIB has fallen to a lower market cap than Dogecoin ($7.8 billion vs. $10.3 billion , #12 on CoinMarketCap vs #10).

Doge Killer price chart

Doge Killer Price Chart 2021 – 2022

The Doge Killer price is now below its first tracked price on CMC.

What is Doge Killer?

Doge Killer appears to be one of those purely speculative meme coins with no use case – it has no utility other than a cool name and a high token price that somehow still warrants a $60 million market cap – although we expect that to continue will sink .

The Doge Killer coin supply is intentionally small – the total supply is only 107,647 LEASH coins. This low supply results in a high price per coin — which early on attracted some investors who prefer a high token price to Dogecoin — currently trading at around seven cents, with an all-time high of $0.74.

The simple marketing gimmick was that some investors who like meme coins and wanted Dogecoin to go anywhere from $1 to $100 or more bought Doge Killer instead as it was heading towards $10,000.

Or that they would jump on the meme token hype train set in motion by the DOGE and SHIB bull cycles and simply buy a similar one with a unique twist.

It worked initially. Leash holder rewards were also envisaged at the start of the roadmap, which apparently never materialized. LEASH was also originally intended to be a rebase token – that idea was eventually abandoned and now it seems the whole project might have been.

When Dogecoin price failed to recover after Elon Musk went on SNL, and Shiba Inu price later also started dying, Doge Killer started its current downtrend – and there is no real upside except for scarcity to prevent the price drop.

Is Tamadoge a Dogecoin Killer?

Tamadoge Dogecoin Killer

A new meme coin to hit a market cap of over $10 billion and break into the top 10 cryptos like Dogecoin may be unrealistic given the current bear market and “crypto winter” – although markets are showing some signs of recovery demonstrate.

Rather than buying a meme coin in the middle of a bull market, one option is to invest in a crypto presale or new ICO – which are also performing well in poor macro conditions. Tamadoge (TAMA) has currently raised $5 million in its pre-sale, which has a hard cap of $19 million.

Tamadoge also has a smaller supply than Dogecoin – 2 billion tokens. More important than just an artificially low supply, however, is that TAMA is not inflationary.

Dogecoin, with its infinite supply and inflation rate, has gone from a total supply of 100 billion at launch to 132 billion today. Tamadoge – a virtual pet game project – also has a deflationary token burn when players use TAMA to buy food and supplies for their Doge pet.

TAMA is the reward token in this game to earn the NFT game. So, Tamadoge has three bullish cases – early in its development (at a low pre-sale price), deflationary, and utility as a reward sign.

Read more about this potential Dogecoin killer at

Another presale that we recommended for performing well on this site was Battle Infinity, which launched on Wednesday with a price increase of 700% compared to its presale rating.


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