Dondi Launches First Ever Social Reward DeFi Yield Farming

Dondi Launches First Ever Social Reward DeFi Yield Farming 1
Dondi Launches First Ever Social Reward DeFi Yield Farming 2Dondi Launches First Ever Social Reward DeFi Yield Farming 3

Gamified DeFi Protocol Dondi Provides Multiple Fun Ways to Earn Crypto

Dondi’s 100% decentralized platform sets the stage for infusing social elements and gaming into the defi farming community, making yield farming more fun, more rewarding, and less risky. 

The defi wave that’s been dominating crypto markets during 2020 has exposed a need for projects with greater transparency, better security and more opportunities for profit. Dondi has accomplished all three goals with its social networking, incentive-based gaming farm with an intuitive UI and enjoyable farming experience..

With the official farming launch slated for October 30, 2020, Dondi will offer 3 main ways to earn Dondi tokens, plus a few bonus programs:

  1. 9 DeFi farming pools will open on the 30th for staking and earning Dondi (PYLON/ETH, YKZ/ETH, Based/ETH, Uni/ETH, LINK/ETH, YFI/ETH, WBTC/ETH, and WETH/USDT, DONDI/ETH). There are zero farming fees, zero performance fees and no minimum staking time. 
  2. Slots are a gaming-based crowdfunding feature which enables users to earn 1 Dondi/hour/slot, plus ½ the amount of ETH spent each time one of their referrals signs up. Slots can be purchased with ETH and the smart-contract automation creates earnings opportunities for ETH and Dondi with its matrix marketing system of referrals and rewards (more details below).
  3. NFT Loot Box Redemption – Earned Dondi may be spent to redeem unique Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) that connect to a MetaMask wallet containing varying prize amounts of defi tokens such as Aave, Maker, ChainLink, and many others, including more Dondi! One of the launched NFT lootboxes contains a MetaMask wallet that contains $10,000 worth of Ethereum is ripe to be claimed if you’re lucky!
Dondi samples of EFT redeeamablesReward center allows users to spend Dondi to unlock prizes in unique NFT MetaMask wallets

View a walk-through video on Dondi Farming and Slots:

[embedded content]

Easy Steps to Earn through Dondi Yield Farming

For yield farming Dondi, it works similarly to most defi protocols. You’ll need to provide liquidity on Uniswap for token pairs from the chosen pools in Dondi, just as you would with other defi tokens. 

  1. Understand the risks
  2. You’ll need some ETH to buy Dondi and an MetaMask. 
  3. Put ETH and Dondi in the wallet.
  4. Go to Uniswap and select “add liquidity”.
  5. Pair your Dondi with ETH in Uniswap. You need an equal weighting of Dondi and ETH according to the pool.
  6. Once you’ve added the liquidity, you now have LPs.
  7. You can go to the Farm Dondi menu and stake your LPs to gain the APY in Dondi.
  8. You can harvest anytime or when you unstake or add more it does it automatically.

For each of the initial 8 pools, 1.25 million Dondi will be emitted over a 2-year period. The 9th pool, which will be created shortly after the first 8 go live, will emit 10 million Dondi tokens over 2 years.

Boost function

In each farming pool, you’ll find a “Activate Boost” function at the top. You can choose to 2x, 4x, 8x or 10x to boost your ROI for that pool for 1 hour. You have to redeem any gains within that same hour. 

The fees for the Boost function are as follows:

2x – The first time you press 2x to increase your ROI, the charge is $5.00, then it doubles each time from there.

4x, 8x, and 10x work just the same – $5.00 for the first activation, charges double from there on out.

Learn more about yield farming at Dondi Finance:

[embedded content]

How to Start Earning with Dondi Slots & Referrals

To be eligible for Dondi’s completely decentralized and peer-to-peer gaming incentives program, Slots, a MetaMask wallet and an initial investment of .05 ETH (about $20 at time of writing) is required. This amount automatically opens up two Slots: one in the x3 referral matrix, and one in the x6 referral matrix, which are both clearly displayed on Dondi’s homepage.  Detailed instructions can be found here. Each subsequent Slot costs double the amount of the first, with double the earnings potential for future referrals.

Easy Steps to Earning with Slots:

  1. Open or download a MetaMask Wallet
  2. Scroll to bottom of wallet to select “Custom Token”
  3. Add Dondi contract address:
  4. Make sure you have some ETH (.05 for each set of Slots plus gas fees)
  5. Buy the slots you want, then refer your friends to earn ETH when they sign up. Referral earnings are .025 ETH plus 10 Dondi tokens for each referral.
Dondi referral matrix and slotsDondi Slots System of Crowdfunded Earnings

In addition to yield farming, earning from Slots, and unlocking NFT loot, Dondi offers a bonus spinning wheel to earn even more Dondi tokens: 

BONUS Spinning Wheel: Farmers and gamers at Dondi each have 5 opportunities per day to spin the wheel to win more Dondi. The first spin costs $5.00 in ETH and doubles thereafter, resetting after each 24-hour period. The wheel is distributed, meaning each spin gives you an equal chance of winning any of the prizes, which currently range from 0 to 1000 Dondi.

picture of dondi's spinning wheel


  • 500 of Dondi’s earliest users were airdropped 500 Dondi each. 
  • An additional airdrop is currently underway until October 28, 2020 at 6pm EST. If Dondi receives over 100 registrants, they will select 100 winners at random for 500 DONDI each. Visit the Dondi airdrop page for more information, or get updated information on Dondi’s Discord and Telegram channels.

Bounty Program

Dondi’s Bounty program is now live and invites big winners from the Dondi reward center to post their wins on social media and send proof to receive a Dondi bounty.

Bounty Participation Instructions:

1) Post your win on any form of social media. 

2) Direct message the proof on Twitter or Telegram.

3) Then you can recieve your Dondi bounty – the bigger the win, the bigger the bounty.

About Dondi

The Dondi farming and gaming protocol is brought to you by the same team that introduced Pylon Finance, a 100% decentralized protocol with crowdfunded GPU (Ethereum) mining facilities providing utility and dividends for Pylon token holders and farmers. 

Dondi developers deployed a self-executing smart contract on the open and public Ethereum Blockchain that exists in perpetuity and cannot be modified by any entity. Dondi’s smart contract is nothing more than a payment gateway that facilitates peer-to-peer commission payments between its participants.

how dondi works inforgraphic

The smart contract is public. Anyone can see the code and the entire transaction history, which brings legitimacy and trust to the protocol as well as immutable, real time statistics. 

Since the protocol automatically distributes Dondi and ETH according to the smart contract, and Dondi never holds a user’s cryptocurrency, Dondi is able to offer a security-enriched defi farming experience.

All protocol proceeds earned on Dondi from the Spinning Wheel and NFT redemptions will help fund not only Dondi’s prizes and development costs, but also Pylon’s GPU vault program, which includes the usual defi farming, as well as a unique defi FDI vault, where investors stake (but do not harvest) in the GPU mining facility to receive dividends.

Learn more about how Dondi works

What the future holds: The Dondi Roadmap

Dondi’s yield farming launch was actually phase 2 in their roadmap, which consists of:

Phase 0 : Referral, slots, and prize wheel (complete)

Phase 1 : Dondi marketplace and redemption center (complete)

Phase 2 (October 30 2020) : Yield farm open (launching)

Phase 3 ( 1- 3 months) : Additional games, higher Dondi wheel prizes (namely a $10,000 prize), 

Additionally, the team just launched phase 0 of their next Dondi farm. You can view details here


Tokenomics have been formulated to ensure Dondi will be open for a minimum of 2 years. 

170 Million Total Supply 

  • 50 million DONDI Drip – Every slot a user unlocks on the platform drips them 1 Dondi/hour/Slot
  • 50 million DONDI for Redemption Center
  • 50 million for games (currently only Spin Wheel) 
  • 10 Million for Farm
  • 10 million for marketing purposes

The code for Dondi’s smart contract is fully transparent so you can be completely confident in the security and long-term operation of the Dondi Platform.

Fee distribution:

Dondi’s registration fees are distributed back to the Dondi community in our referral matrix

Other fees for Prize Redemptions, Prize Wheels, and Boosts will support the Pylon GPU mining vault and partner farms.

Important links and resources for Dondi

Stayed tuned for the latest news and updates on all things DeFi, and if you’re new to crypto markets, visit our trader education center for valuable resources.

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