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We sure hope you are following, because we have a new coin for you. In the cryptosphere you might have heard about the latest and greatest coin, the Follow Coin. This is where you get our joke. See. Following. Follow Coin.

Anyways, enough with the jokes. We wanted to know what was so unique about this coin. That’s why we put together this comprehensive guide. Now you’ll have everything you need to know about the coin that has taken the crypto world by storm.

The History of Follow Coin

Follow Coin (also known as FLLW) is not like the other coin startups. This is because when we think about startups we often think of whitepapers. This company happens to be much more than that. FLLW is actually a subsidiary of an even larger software company in Amsterdam named Knijbel. Knijbel continues to operate with the mission to create innovative products. In doing this they also aspire to make the world and web just a little more beautiful. 

Follow Coin was founded recently (just back in 2017) by Jamal Boykin and Thomas van der Bijl. Although smaller in size, the team behind Follow Coin has a mission that continues to attract crypto enthusiasts from across the globe.

One Team One Dream

You might have noticed the two names we dropped in our brief history lesson. While these two individuals are recognized as cofounders, it takes a team to bring this dream to life. More importantly, before we assess whether Follow Coin is something we want to support, it is important to determine if the team is capable of steering us in the right direction.

Co-founder: Thomas van der Bijl

We know Follow Coin is in the hands of a capable leader. Why can we safely say that? Thomas also happens to be the CEO and co-founder of Knijbel, suggesting he knows how to get a company off the ground. His educational background also shows that he knows how to design the ultimate user experience (part of Follow Coin’s objectives) since his Bachelor is in communications and multimedia.

Co-founder: Jamal Boykin

This Los Angeles native and Berkeley and University of Duke alumni just so happen to be the other co-founder of Follow Coin. An interesting fact, Boykin was previously a professional basketball player. So if that doesn’t stress the importance of working well with a team we don’t know what will!

CCO: Jan Kras

Now working with the design portion of Follow Coin, Jan has a unique background as a co-founder of Knijbel. The rest of his background is quite diverse including some time at a media production company as well as his experience in the software industry. His expertise more specifically lies in agile project management, software, UX, UI, and marketing. At his time at Follow Coin, he was known as the Chief Commercial Officer until he began pursuing other opportunities in 2018.

CTO: Joren Frielink

Although there is not a lot of information about Chief Technology Officer, Joren Frielink it is interesting to note that he also had previous experience working at Knijibel. At Knijbel he was responsible for all the technology and online performance of a company specializing in web development. He too left to pursue other ventures in 2018.

Trading Expert: Marco Veldhuis

The last team member we will consider is Marco Veldhuis who was an account and trading expert for Follow Coin in 2018. From what we can deduce Marco, had minimal prior working experience in this area but did have a diverse background in other fields. 

Small but Mighty

After careful analysis, you might notice while the team looks strong from a web development and user experience standpoint they lack extensive experience in crypto trading. This isn’t necessarily an issue given the mission of Follow Coin but might not instill the most confidence in us. That said, with this team indicating they have been pursuing other ventures after 2018, it is interesting to see what the co-founders come up within version 2.0.

What is Follow Coin?

All right so what exactly did this team create? To answer this question we have to consider all of its parts. First, there is a Follow Coin token. When describing this token you might hear a professional investor say that we are looking at a utility token on the Ethereum Blockchain. An even more sophisticated answer might be that it is an ERC223. But for those who are not heavily experienced crypto traders, this might not mean a lot to you. Just know this is a token that is linked to the crypto coin Ethereum.

The second component to Follow Coin is an operating system for crypto assets. This platform allows users to follow experienced investors and mimic their investments in their own portfolio. By allowing followers to participate, users receive the benefit of smarter trades even if they are less experienced. Experienced investors also receive a bonus for doing what they were already doing.

Bridging the Gap

Okay, so why do we love this coin so much? Follow Coin strives to bridge the gap between the crypto experts and amateurs. The company wanted to reduce the barriers they currently create the crypto learning curve. The platform built allows amateur enthusiasts to learn from the greats in a transparent environment. This environment provides the tools needed to make interacting with and handling crypto assets accessible for everyone since they also have a relentless focus on the mainstream user.

Follow Coin provides the best solution for those who don’t want to spend hours on end trying to determine the best crypto. This means that you (the investor) can tap into the extensive knowledge of traders who have been in the trading game since the beginning. With these traders knowing where to put their money, you can follow closely behind with Follow Coin. 

As the blockchain industry continues to expand, the number of crypto assets that are widely used will likely exceed the 1,600 mark it currently sits at. It’s hard to keep track of the unique characteristics of both the coin and the changing landscape. That’s why following in the footsteps of someone who is very active in the community is not necessarily a bad thing. It might even give you the foundation for you to play a larger role in the development of future assets.

Using Follow Coin

The site itself gives each investor a profile with their past trades and the successes of each trade. This is available on a scorecard where you can compare the market as well as your own scorecard. Once you have viewed and compared a number of investors, you can select which investors you would like to follow. 

Following this investor allows you to get notifications when they decide to take action in the market. With your newfound knowledge of what purchases or sales are being made, you can choose whether or not to act on this. Influencers receive a bonus for every profitable trade they make and are available to replicate. As a result, traders who know what they are doing are quite involved in the process. 

Once you have become confident in a certain trader and their moves you might like to allocate a certain amount of your investment to duplicate this investor’s trades. In this way, you could put $500 which would duplicate the investor’s trade in real-time. This would take all of the thinking and research out of the process and instead allow your trades to occur regardless of what you are doing. Just think, you could be trading while you are traveling, at pilates or even at work. How’s that for easy?

Follow Coin is Like LinkedIn

You probably think this seems like a pretty straightforward concept. We thought so too. But there’s also nothing we love more than a good analogy to drive home our point. Consider this: Follow Coin is more like a social networking site than a traditional cryptocurrency platform. That’s why we wanted to consider how Follow Coin is actually closely related to the concept of professional networking platform, LinkedIn. 

Follow Your Favs

On LinkedIn, you likely follow an influencer or two that lives your career aspirations through and through and gives you a daily dose of inspiration and ideas on how to better reach yours. Follow coin has a very similar manner in which you can follow what we like to refer to as a crypto influencer. You can stalk the profiles of investors you look up to and determine if they are someone you want to follow based on your own instincts.

By hitting the follow button you are informed of their activity and trades very similar to how you receive notifications on LinkedIn. After learning and duplicating the actions of an influencer you might just become a crypto influencer or shall we say “cryptoencer” yourself.

Influencing the Crowd

It is follow or be followed. As an influencer, you are probably motivated by sponsored posts or the opportunity to share the cool projects you are working with, with future employers. The more weight you have as an influencer the more likely you are to receive some series kickbacks and even give back to the community if that’s what your intention is. 

Again, we can draw a parallel to our very own Follow Coin. Influencers will want to become influencers and participate in this platform because there is a great incentive to do so. For those that are in it for more than the money, they likely agree with making crypto more widespread and want to be involved since they know this will help them to give back to the community.

A Place to Learn

We need more than a place to just interact with the community. We also need a place to learn more about how we can improve our chances of thriving in it. Here arises, LinkedIn Learning. This was a place where users could do free courses about a number of topics that could help build their careers and inadvertently level up their own profile. Maybe just making influencer status. 

Follow Coin came out with a very similar page, creating what they call a Trading Academy. This is a great feature used to help amateurs learn how to trade, become influencers and just know a bit more about the cryptosphere in general. The Trading Academy also outlines what information is shared on the scorecards of each investor.

Powerful Partnerships

In order to bring crypto to the masses, Follow Coin linked up with a couple of niche influencers. Some of these partnerships came as a surprise to us at first, which is why we couldn’t wait to share the news with you.

Nipsey Hussle 

Follow (Coin) the Leader: Crypto Style 4

Ermias Asghedom or as we might know him as rapper Nipsey Hussle was a notable supporter in the world of Follow Coin. His dedication stretches far beyond his rap music. This rapper has also had an ownership stake in Follow Coin. 

Nipsey Hussle believes that blockchain is well on its way to becoming the next Google and he wanted to be there working from the ground up. On a previously very active Twitter, FLLW commends Nipsey on his album release before thanking him for pioneering mainstream crypto usage.

Although Nipsey has since passed, it was interesting to note that his values were to advise investors to carry out their own research and educate themselves in cryptocurrencies before making blind investments. He also believed that cryptocurrency would continue to penetrate our day-to-day lives and as a result, was something we should educate ourselves on. Knowing some of our famous artists are getting involved in the crypto world also bodes well for the crypto industry gaining traction as a whole.

Joel Beukers

If you consider yourself to be quite involved in the fitness community, the name Joel Beukers likely rings a bell. This well-known fitness entrepreneur has an impressive following on social media with over 302,000 followers on Instagram alone. Although his catchphrase is GA VOOR GOUD! (or in English, “Go for gold!), he also encourages his followers to go for crypto. More importantly, he openly expresses his support to go for Follow Coin.


The last interesting partnership that we wanted to consider is Civic. Civic has been defined as an identity verification platform. Through the use of a decentralized system, Civic uses multi-factor verification to ensure the security of all users.

Most importantly, we hope you notice the diverse partnerships that Follow Coin has chosen to work with. Not only do they touch a very diverse group of individuals who may not know much about crypto, but they also have extensive influence in their own areas of expertise. Who knows this might just be a very smart strategy in making crypto more widespread just as promised.

The Follow Coin ICO

Now that we understand the platform, you are probably wondering where the team is getting the funding for this project. After all, starting a project this revolutionary is far from cheap. This leads us to Follow Coin’s ICO. The previous whitepaper that outlined the goals of the Follow Coin didn’t have the best breakdown of how the company would achieve its goals and unfortunately if you’d like to compare what it is now you might just be out of luck. This whitepaper is slightly more difficult to track down.

A pre-sale ICO began on July 9, 2017, and ended 9 days later. This first presale raised a total of 220,000 and was enough to start the development of the app. The second ICO presale followed on August 23, 2017, and sold out just one week later. This funding helped get the app to the shelves of the app and play stores. On October 27th of the same year, a public ICO was issued. The ICO hard cap was determined to be 49,000 ETH where each Ethereum coin was the equivalent of 10,000 Follow Coins. Investors were encouraged to purchase FLLW at the low price of $0.03 per token. Initially, there was no minimum spend to help support the ICO but there was a maximum of how many ether coins they had in their wallet. 

What we can say is that after releasing the ICO, the price of the token itself tanked. Not only this, but third party sites suggest that the information did not align with the website. The amount raised in the ICO was supposed to be divided by the team, advisors, community, bounty program and strategic partners. However, with the lack of clear targets, this also left many questioning where these funds were going.

Purchasing the Follow Coin Token

Follow Coin (FLLW) is not located on Coinmarketcap even after extensive searching. However, third-party sites suggest the price is approximately $0.00032. Again the reliability of these sources is questionable, especially with the lack of trading data. 

Follow Coin is available on some of the most popular exchanges including Binance, BitTrex, Etoro and HitBTC. You can store Follow Coin in any Ethereum-based wallet. Some of the more popular ones are MyEtherWallet, Atomic Wallet, Trezor or Ledger Nano S.  

Although there is minimal information about purchasing the coin, this might be your only option. This is because similar to other Ethereum-based tokens that were released with an ICO, the Follow Coin cannot be mined. We repeat cannot be mined.

Joining the Community

If you like the idea of Follow Coin, there is a good chance you might be interested in hearing what they are up to in real-time. This means interacting on social media seems like a pretty good bet. Follow Coin has accounts on platforms including Telegram, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Medium. Of course, we would love to link you to all of their handles but their activity on each of these platforms has been infrequent since 2018.

That said, there is minimal information available on Follow Coin at the present. Especially since their website is currently down. However, you might decide to join them on Telegram. Their group still has 526 members, with members of the community still interacting. Other users appear to be more active on their Reddit account, which has typically been posted every couple of months. They also have a Twitter account that used to provide very useful information. However, they have not sent out any new tweets since 2018.

Where are they now?

We wanted to do some research to figure out what was next for the company. We’ll admit we were just a little surprised to find out that a Google search brings up a website about secured loans. Upon some further digging, the company has ultimately decided to temporarily remove their website in hopes for a strong rebrand. The app is also no longer available on the Google Play Store or the App Store.

As history suggests these platforms had to be removed after Follow Coin’s lack of transparency and experience resulted in a crash of the position of the coin after their first ICO. Their whitepaper which also ceases to exist online did not have a plan that was as well thought out as it should have been. This meant investors had a hard time understanding exactly how Follow Coin would achieve its mission. Admittedly, the company needed to do more than suggest this money was to improve the user experience and spend on marketing. Not only was this goal slightly vague but it also is very optimistic, especially considering the lack of experience by the founders.

However, like all startups, there are tons of lessons learned. This means that we believe Follow Coin is in good shape for their 2.0 version.

The Future of Follow Coin

We don’t really know what’s in store for Follow Coin, especially after them being in the dark for so long. With team members and partners no longer working alongside Follow Coin, a promising future is not depicted. However, we like the initial strategy of influencer meetups and powerful partnerships and see the idea of continuing to gain traction.

The only thing that is missing is delivering on the promise for positive user experience and developing a strong tactical plan to go along with it.

A Final Recommendation

We still love the idea of connecting the experts with the amateurs and like the idea of making cryptocurrencies more widespread in general. We still really like the idea and know the team does have the potential to make the dream a reality.

That said, Follow Coin has some lofty promises that we have yet to see fulfilled. While their team has some unique background and experience many have since started full-time jobs elsewhere. This really makes us reconsider whether or not we will see widespread use of Follow Coin. It is hard to find historical data and previous to the removal of the app from the App Store, the reviews were not great.  

Even with these considerations, we are still excited to see what’s in store for Follow Coin. Whatever that might be.

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