Hackers Using Google Sites and Microsoft Azure to Launch Crypto Phishing Campaigns

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Hackers have continued to enter the crypto sector to steal digital assets. Hackers are now using SEO techniques to direct users to wallet provider phishing websites like Metamask and cryptocurrency exchanges like Coinbase and Kraken.

Hackers are coming up with new ways to steal crypto

A report von Netskope has revealed that cryptocurrency phishing campaigns are now being conducted across multiple platforms such as Google Sites, Microsoft Azure and SEO. Phishing campaigns have resulted in massive losses for crypto investors over the years.

The sites that these schemes target are built using Microsoft Azure and Google Sites. Users on these platforms are tricked into providing their data and allowing threat actors to steal funds from them.

This is the first type of crypto scam that Netskope has tracked. Netskope is an online security company that offers services related to SEO. A 2022 report by the company also states that hackers are using blog posts as tools to send links.

The hackers posted links with SEO content in the blog posts, which allowed them to rank higher in search engine results. It shows that many people will access the links they open believing they are pointing to genuine cryptocurrency websites. Instead, these links redirect users to phishing websites that resemble legitimate crypto websites like MetaMask. Some hackers mimic leading exchanges like Coinbase, Gemini, and Kraken.

phishing campaigns

Phishing campaigns are very common in the crypto space. Phishing sites are usually hosted on platforms like Microsoft Azure and Google Sites. They are designed to deceive users and steal their personal information.

The information is used for several purposes, e.g. B. to get the private seed phrases of the users wallets by asking them to access the data. This is the technique used by the Metamask phishing site.

The hackers also obtained the account details of the exchanges involved in the campaign. When users provide their information, the websites are prompted to contact support, after which the hackers get more details about the users and how to get their funds.

Netskope further said that users are advised not to provide credentials for their account details after following a link. Instead, users are advised to navigate directly to the website they wish to access. Institutions must also use a secure web gateway to detect and block phishing in real-time.

It’s not the first time phishing campaigns have popped up in the crypto space. In February this year, Binance, the largest exchange, detected and warned users about a phishing scam.


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