Has Robert Lewandowski Invested in Bitcoin?

Has Robert Lewandowski Invested in Bitcoin? 1
Has Robert Lewandowski Invested in Bitcoin? 2

Robert Lewandowski is a world-famous Polish soccer player who plays in the forward position for Bundesliga soccer club Bayern Munich. He is the captain of the Polish national team and is known for his positioning, technique and finishing. He is internationally known as one of the best strikers in the world and one of the best players in Bundesliga history. In addition to his football career, he is a venture capitalist with his wife and has invested in numerous start-ups.

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Investments by Robert and Anna Lewandowskiowski

Robert and Anna Lewandowski have a pretty impressive list of investments across all industries. Here are some of their key investments:

  • Robert Lewandsowski is a partner in the Protos Venture Capital Fund, which supports internet startups. He originally invested with his former manager, Cezary Kucharski.
  • In 2016, Robert Lewandowski in the new Less app. Where to buy and sell used clothing. The app debuted on the German market and later came out in Poland.
  • In 2017 Anna and Robert Lewandowski founded the Stor9 agency. The agency specializes in marketing and public relations. He later acquired shares in the soccer business Zgoda FC.
  • The Polish soccer star has a keen interest in real estate. He has some luxury apartments and has invested in the apartpark apartments in Świnoujście.

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Has Robert Lewandowski Invested in Bitcoin? 3



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Has Robert Lewandowski invested in Bitcoin?

Rumors are circulating on the internet that Robert Lewandowski has invested in cryptocurrency, particularly Bitcoin. We decided to check that these rumors are true and we haven’t found a connection between Robert Lewandowski and Bitcoin. We know he’s a venture capitalist with a keen interest in many small businesses, but none of his investments involve cryptocurrency. We confirm that these rumors are false.

This in no way discredits Bitcoin as a viable and profitable cryptocurrency. Many marketers use celebrities to confirm the product’s legitimacy. These recommendations are usually fake, but since they attract readers and potential customers, it makes perfect sense to use their name.

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Has Robert Lewandowski Invested in Bitcoin? 4
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