How to Earn Crypto by Making Predictions

How to Earn Crypto by Making Predictions 1
How to Earn Crypto by Making Predictions 2How to Earn Crypto by Making Predictions 3

Are you good at predicting price movements in cryptocurrency markets? Are you wondering how to earn money from home during this parabolic market shift? Then maybe it’s time to start earning crypto by making correct price predictions. 

It’s not an easy thing to predict what bitcoin price will be in a week, a month, or over the next hour, for that matter. And the same goes for many other types of assets. But if you’re already succeeding in making accurate predictions for your own portfolio, why not do it on a platform where you can earn tokens for publishing correct forecasts? 

Enter HedgeTrade

At HedgeTrade, we’ve created a social trading platform featuring a dynamic predictions market. Expert traders can publish prediction “Blueprints” that users can buy to unlock the details of a trade. Novice traders can then browse the market, research the different traders’ success rates, and find Blueprints they want to purchase. 

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HedgeTrade Blueprint Market

As you can see from the image above, some basic information about the prediction is available to everyone in the marketplace. To unlock all the details to copy the trade, users buy the Blueprint. Additionally, anyone can click on the trader’s username to view their past history, as well as the status of their other prediction Blueprints: 

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Anatomy of a Blueprint

In this section, we’ll break down each aspect of the Blueprint. We’ve already mentioned the user name and how you can click on that to reveal the trader’s social trading history on HedgeTrade, along with all their past and present predictions. Next up is the the “Status” of the Blueprint, which is indicated by a colored dot:

  • Blue dot – means “Awaiting Entry” – The entry price has not been hit yet.
  • Yellow dot – means “In Progress” – The trade has reached its entry price.
  • Green dot – The Blueprint has “Closed Success”. The entry price and the exit price were achieved according to the trader’s predictions.
  • Red dot  – The Blueprint has “Closed Failed”. The entry price was reached but the exit price was not achieved. Those that bought the Blueprint get their money back and the trader making the prediction loses their stake.
  • Grey dot – The entry price was never hit, so the Blueprint closes “Neutral”.

When a HedgeTrade user wants to unlock the hidden details so they can copy that trading call, they can purchase the Blueprint. Then they have access to the full details to make their own trade, including which exchange, long or short, and dates of entry and expiry.

how to earn making crypto predictions

A blueprint that has been purchased so the hidden details are unlocked looks like this:

How to Earn Crypto by Making Predictions 4

The above Blueprint “Closed Failed”. The trader loses their stake, the buyers get a refund, and the first 7 buyers get a share in the lost stake.

Now that you have an understanding of how the HedgeTrade predictions platform works, let’s review the three major ways you can earn HEDG tokens.

How to earn money by publishing accurate predictions

You can create your own prediction Blueprint and publish it in HedgeTrade’s predictions market. Other users seeking to copy trade can purchase your prediction. The price is determined by taking 10% of the HEDG tokens you staked to back up the trading call. For example, if you stake 15 HEDG, the price will be 1.5 HEDG. If you are correct, you receive tokens from the sales of your Blueprint and your stake back, minus a small commission.

Earn money from betting against predictions

For the newcomer, once they’ve been doing a little following, copy trading, and market research, they may feel comfortable betting on predictions they think will fail. They’ll be happy to know they can earn this way as well. Here’s how it works: 

If you see a prediction Blueprint with a 60% profit potential, that trader is predicting a big price movement. You might decide there’s no way that prediction can come true, whether it’s longing or shorting. 

So users can also buy predictions they think are likely to fail. They pay the purchase price and then wait for the Blueprint to expire. If it was indeed an incorrect prediction, they get their purchase price back, and the first 7 buyers will also get a share in the stake. Remember, only these first 7 can share in that lost stake. Check the Blueprint for the number of buy-ins before trying out this strategy:

How to Earn Crypto by Making Predictions 5

To help find Blueprints that have the largest profit potential, simply sort the Blueprint market by profit potential, high to low, as seen in the image below:

How to Earn Crypto by Making Predictions 6

This is a great way to earn a little if you’re good at spotting unlikely outcomes. 

Note: Earning HEDG tokens this way does not figure into the earnings reported on the Leaderboard. Only earnings from Blueprint sales are eligible for Leaderboard status.

3-Affiliate Program

HedgeTrade rewards traders with commissions when they bring active users onto the platform. 

How to get started

Follow these 3 steps to get started:

  1. Create an account by signing up on HedgeTrade.
  2. Click “Settings” to view and copy your affiliate link.
  3. Share your affiliate link with friends, followers, a trading group, or anyone who may be interested in crypto trading.

Once you’ve completed these steps, you will earn a commission every time a Blueprint closes belonging to one of your affiliates. 

How to earn from the Affiliate Program

Oliver is a professional trader who publishes and sells Blueprints on HedgeTrade. He’d like to earn additional HEDG tokens so he gets his affiliate link to share with his Discord trading group. Anna, who is in the trading group, signs up to the HedgeTrade app using Oliver’s link.

Now every time Anna closes a Blueprint on HedgeTrade, Oliver gets a commission. If Anna decides to give her affiliate link out and has an affiliate publish a Blueprint, she will receive a commission, as well as Oliver. 

Refer to the infographic below to get an idea of potential earnings through the Affiliate Program:

How to Earn Crypto by Making Predictions 7


The HedgeTrade social trading platform is the perfect place to go if you want to learn how to earn money online with your trading expertise. From selling your own trading predictions to betting that others’ predictions will not work out and using the Affiliate Program, users have multiple ways to increase their profit potential at HedgeTrade.

Sign up here to be on your way to learning how to earn money in the crypto landscape. 

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