Institutional interest in crypto investment still remains high

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New data shows that there has not been a decline in institutional interest buying cryptocurrency. This is despite institutional investors not buying crypto-based Exchange Traded Funds, (ETFs) by a 60% drop.

Brown Brothers Harriman, a financial services company, released insight into crypto ETFs-interested investors. Nearly 75% of institutional investors in the United States, United Kingdom, Europe, and China are “extremely” to “very” interested crypto ETFs, according to results from respondents. However, only 25% of institutional investors have purchased crypto ETFs, or plan to buy them in the coming year. This is despite the fact that there has been a lot of interest.

BBH believes that crypto ETFs have seen an increase in interest due to the trust of investors and fund managers within the crypto industry. The firm also believes that better regulation of the space will encourage adoption. Additionally, more exposure to ETFs will likely increase confidence in the crypto sector.

“Investors are adapting to volatility by diversifying their portfolios, adding new products and increasing their product offerings. Even though it has been a turbulent year in crypto, interest isn’t cooling completely. Initiatives like the EU’s Markets in Crypto Assets Proposal are expected to significantly ‘derisk’ investments in crypto assets for asset mangers and provide an added layer of comfort’ for them to engage with crypto exchange em>

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