Legal firm defending FTX victims issues public plea to Shaq O’Neal

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The Moskowitz Law Firm has made a request to Shaquille o’Neal, the firm that is involved in the FTX case, to follow the legal proceedings.

The firm asked O’Neal on Twitter to ” show the courtesy and honor” in its attempt to serve him the “legal complaint”.

O’Neal was a former NBA player and is currently an analyst for the TNT TV program “Inside the NBA.”

O’Neal will be a brand ambassador and a minority shareholder of FTX in 2020. O’Neal was featured in a number of FTX ads and his Twitter profile photo included the FTX Logo as part of this partnership. O’Neal, in addition to his public campaigns for the crypto-exchange, also took part in several initiatives, including a charity campaign where he donated $50k worth of Bitcoins to the Boys and Girls Club of America.

The former NBA star’s public appeal comes following a court filing made at the start of April. In the document, it is noted that O’Neal has been served several times.

“Mr. O’Neal remains the only defendant who has not yet been served in this case. Plaintiffs have made dozens of attempts to serve him in various states and countries.

In addition, after the eighth time the server attempted to serve O’Neal in his Texas home, he received a threat message.

What celebrities has FTX partnered up with?

Moskowitz, who represents the victims, pointed out that he was the only “FTX celebrity” to avoid his service notices.

In recent years, FTX has partnered with a number of celebrities. Stephen Curry is one of the most notable names who has worked with the exchange. He signed a multiyear contract to become the global ambassador for the company in 2021. Tom Brady, the NFL quarterback and Gisele Bundchen will join FTX in June 2021 as ambassadors. FTX also partnered with DJ Khaled who is a musician and entrepreneur. DJ Khaled became a global Ambassador. In 2021, FTX will announce a partnership to create a NFT collection based off of Will Smith’s film ‘King Richard’.

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