Lucky Block ‘Are You Lucky’ Survey Goes National in UK Media

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ThatDaily Mail Has published an article to comment on how lucky Brits feel after a poll conducted by crypto project Lucky Block.

The survey first asked people what they consider to be characteristics of a happy person, and respondents found a number of different things that determine whether someone is “happy” or not.

The first answer was good health, noted by 42% of respondents. Other answers included things like a brilliant sex life and an attractive partner, available cash in the bank, the ability to take multiple vacations a year, being naturally athletic and having beautiful skin.

Interestingly, the survey found that Londoners are among those who feel the happiest, with 17% of London respondents believing they are naturally lucky, followed by Leicester and Birmingham.

Surprisingly, Liverpool made the top five places for people in the UK to feel happiest, with 13% of Liverpoolers saying they are naturally lucky.

Lucky Block NFT platform

Lucky Block is an NFT sweepstakes where people have a chance to win a whole range of prizes, from luxury watches, vacations and a home to a Lamborghini and $1 million in bitcoin.

The project has been extremely popular, and the project’s native token, LBLOCK, has exploded in value since its inception – the market cap is currently at just over $51 million.

Next steps for Lucky Block after being picked up by bothThe Daily Mail andThe mirroris to be listed on more central stock exchanges in the coming weeks and months.

Recently the Listing of LBLOCK on LBANK caused a 250% price increase in the value of LBLOCK, LuckyBlock V2 (the version on ETH instead of BSC), which was also recently listed on Uniswap.

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Lucky Block’s ‘Are You Lucky’ poll post is getting national coverage in UK media and first appeared on the Business 2 community.

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