Lucky Block Lists LBLOCK V2 on LBank – Daily Price Analysis and Prediction

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The Lucky Block ERC20 token has been trading on LBank since Wednesday, July 27, and the impact on the price has been immediate positive.

In fact, when trading started on the newly upgraded token, the price surged to $0.0013, as LBLOCK buyer grabbed the token after a brief hiatus while the migration process was complete.

Market watchers expect the coin’s price to experience upward pressure due to increased liquidity inflows into the LBLOCK/USDT trading pair after the project has one ether Sign.

Previously, LBLOCK was limited to running on Binance Smart Chain’s BEP20 standard. The BEP20 token is traded on decentralized exchanges and has a transaction sales tax of 12%.

Although it was intended as a mechanism to fund its prize pool and deter sales, this meant that the original V1 token was unlikely to attract liquidity from speculative traders.

Unlike the BEP20 token, owners of the Ethereum version do not receive rewards for holding it and voting for the charities to receive a share of the weekly jackpot prize.

A bridge to facilitate movement between the two versions of the token will be released in the coming weeks – the bridge is currently undergoing penetration testing to ensure its security is robust.

Buyers of the improved version of the LBLOCK token who When you sign up at LBank you receive a bonus of $255a generous supply that should encourage inflows.

Your capital is at risk.

Listing on the MEXC exchange is next on August 1st

Now, with a non-tax token optimized for day traders, the Lucky Block team is putting listings back on centralized exchanges.

On August 1st, LBLOCK will be listed on the MEXC exchange, which attracts around $700 million in daily volume and is the 23rd largest crypto exchange globally.

Further listings are apparently in preparation, so the price should probably benefit from this tailwind in the coming days and weeks.

Lucky Block Introduces New Mass Market Pitch – NFT Competitive Platform

Aside from the developments directly related to the token migration, the Lucky Block team has been busy implementing a strategic direction in the project’s product offering.

Tomorrow, Product Manager Terence Ribado will demonstrate the brand new NFT competition platform. The website launched in beta last week. The video walkthrough will take place at 14:00 BST (GMT +1) and will take place as part of the project Discord server.

In a novel use case for NFTs, a series of sweepstakes is promoted, each with its own NFT collection. In order to participate in the competitions, you must purchase an NFT.

The prizes include cars, houses, VIP vacations and a million dollars worth of bitcoin after the “coming soon” contests, which will be displayed on the Lucky Block website.

Lucky Block is shaping up to be one of the best web 3 coins to buy in 2022 despite being 85% off its all-time high.

Hopefully you win the prize, but for those who don’t, you still get a share of the money pool built up by transaction fees on the NFTs.

Although the price slipped back after LBank trading resumed on profit-taking, buyers are likely to continue taking positions ahead MEXC exchange Listing.

A fair assessment would suggest that price momentum will continue as the project announces more CEX listing news and its NFT competitions begin to attract paying customers.

Lucky Block’s trading volume is up 35% in 24 hours, the price is up 10% to 0.001084

Apart from the NFT competition platform, the weekly jackpot runs every Friday. And with that, the much-anticipated charitable voting and rewards system is now up and running as the last major jigsaw piece of the jackpot system falls into place.

The trading volume for LBLOCK will be an indication of how well this bullish scenario is shaping up. According to Coinmarketcap, volumes have increased to 133,364 today, up 35% over the past 24 hours.

LBLOCK is currently trading 10% higher at $0.001084 on a 24-hour basis. Also, the price of LBLOCK has increased significantly by 32% in the last 14 days.

LBLOCK price prediction: challenge for major resistance at $0.002300 ahead

The bulls expect LBLOCK price to challenge the resistance at $0.002300. If this level scales successfully, a safe uptrend seems likely.

However, price forecasts must take into account external factors such as B. the state of the broader crypto market.

Overall market weakness notwithstanding, a combination of strong fundamentals, solid product news and forthcoming listings, LBLOCK is a serious contender for higher trading in the coming summer weeks.

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