Oasis Network ROSE Price up 22% to $0.11 – Time to Buy?

Oasis Network ROSE Price up 22% to $0.11 – Time to Buy? 1

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Oasis Network’s ROSE is up 22%

ROSE, the Oasis Network’s native coin, is up 22% in the last 24 hours. The broader crypto market has also rallied strongly over the past few days, but some of ROSE’s gains can be attributed to one Announcing a partnership with Metain which they agreed to collaborate on the design of privacy-related AI systems.

Never chase a pump

Investors and speculators should be aware of the mantra that the best time to accumulate is “when blood is on the streets,” not when prices are rising. For crypto investors struggling with high volatility, this can be a difficult reality. After all, you never know if they’ll buy the floor or not, and if they don’t, most likely they bought either too early or too late (for maximum returns).

Competition from other blockchains

As a layer-one blockchain entering the fray to try to dethrone Ethereum (or at least steal a significant market share), Oasis has a lot of competition.

Still, there are some tremendous advantages for the Oasis Network over other networks that are far more established. The first of these is the way the blockchain is constructed. Gavin Wood, co-founder of Ethereum, author of Solidity and co-founder of Polkadot, has argued multiple times that the evolution towards ETH 2.0 has taken far too long. Not only that, but he agrees with Emin Gun Sirer (Professor of Distributed Systems and Founder of Avalanche) that even when ETH 2.0 is fully developed, there will be many shortcomings, not the least of which is scaling.

The Oasis network uses a far more scalable blockchain architecture. Not only that, but the EVM compatibility that Emerald ParaTime offers means that it is fully backward compatible with Ethereum and other EVM blockchains. Emerald ParaTime means that Oasis can become interoperable with a whole range of dApps in DeFi without breaking functionality at the consensus layer.

The ideological development of blockchains

In the early 2010s, blockchains (or “timechain” as Satoshi first described it) had decentralization as one of the very core principles, to the extent that it was possible. The cypher punk movement was particularly concerned about state power and encroachment, and bitcoin therefore flourished as a means of circumventing money’s centralized control.

This was a very ideologically driven movement with strong ties to Austrian business, property rights and libertarianism.

However, the blockchain world has moved away from some of these “purer” ideals as technological innovations have meant that there may be more ways to explore, even if it means compromising on some of those goals.

For example, while the principles behind Bitcoin may have been transparency, auditability, decentralization and immutability, much of the demand from investors in 2022 is geared towards blockchains with more functionality. In the case of Oasis, this shift has manifested itself through a focus on offering far more features than other tiers like Ethereum in exchange for a highly centralized distribution of ownership.

ROSE token distribution

Decentralization isn’t as much a priority these days. This is reflected in the investment world, where VCs and entrepreneurs are much more interested in building new economies and new ecosystems than submitting to Bitcoin’s immutable nature.

A higher concentration of ownership often allows projects to develop much faster and thus offer more services to the end user and improve the user experience as much as possible. The purpose of many new blockchains nowis not to decentralize or replace money at all – and this is reflected in the changing regulatory landscape and the current commodities versus equities debate.

Nonetheless, Oasis Network’s ROSE represents an opportunity to capitalize on the launch of more consumer-centric chains. Certainly things are done at Oasis such as: B. the focus on privacy-centric smart contracts, which are extremely important and could be extremely valuable.

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