P2E Game Tamadoge Smashing Presale, Raises $6.5 Million So Far – Beat Next TAMA Price Rise

P2E Game Tamadoge Smashing Presale, Raises $6.5 Million So Far – Beat Next TAMA Price Rise 1

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Play-to-earn (P2E) game Tamadoge is raging with its pre-sale – the fourth phase of its TAMA meme coin pre-sale has just concluded with a total cumulative raise of $6.5 million so far. 

Investors paid for their tokens at the rate of 1 USDT for 57.14 TAMA tokens. The price of the TAMA token has now surged to a rate of 1 USDT to 50 TAMA in what is now the fifth phase of the pre-sale.

Tamadoge was sold for 1 USDT at 100 TAMA (1 TAMA = 0.01) in the first phase, in which a beta sale of 200 million tokens was opened to the public. Since then, there have been successive sales tranches of 100 million tokens.

Half of the tokens offered in the presale have now been sold.

A total of 1 billion TAMA tokens are for sale, with the price increasing each time. TAMA has a total supply of 2 billion, allowing early birds to pre-sell for a generous 50% of the supply. 

Tranche prices will continue to increase until the price reaches $0.03, which is three times the initial beta sell price. 

The next price to beat is in the sixth phase when 1 USDT buys 44.44 TAMA.

Meme Coins have outdone themselves bitcoin

Meme coins have led the recent resurgence of buying interest in crypto as the two largest coins by market cap — Dogecoin and Shiba Inu — are both looking to carve out greater utility for their respective ecosystems. 

This is exactly the path Tamadoge is taking, with the big difference that it starts with its Utility product – a Metaverse-enabled P2E game aimed at regular gaming consumers – as a base layer. 

Tamadoge rewards players for the dedication and skill they show in raising a Tamadoge pet to adulthood and watching it grow in strength and skill. In addition to this parenting role, pets can also fight each other.

Players are encouraged to continue caring for their pet – and if they don’t, their pet can transform into a “Tamaghost”. 

Tamadoge is a fun game for the mass market – learning from past P2E mistakes

Addicting gameplay and an accessible and easy-to-understand game concept show that the team behind Tamadoge has learned lessons from other projects.

Revenue is generated through fees paid for transactions in the Tamadoge NFT Petstore, where players purchase clothing, food, and other necessities and supplies for their pets. You can own as many pets as you like, with the individual traits of each Tamadoge pet formed as an NFT. 

Contrary to the standard approach of many other P2E games, Tamadoge is deflationary, which will result in the price of its gateway TAMA token being buoyed.

Tamadoge’s roadmap for adoption begins in Q4 2022

According to the roadmap, the Pet Store as well as the Battle and P2E leaderboards should be published by the end of this year. An augmented reality app is due out late next year, and the project is looking to partner with other Metaverse projects in early 2023.

First centralized stock exchange listings will be in full swing in the fourth quarter of 2022, with LBank already being the first to be confirmed.

Tamadoge road map August 2022

Is Elon Musk Buying Tamadoge?

There are persistent rumors that the P2E game Tamadoge also has influential backers – maybe Elon Musk?

A recent website update shows that this is highly regarded Thomas Seebachformerly WMS and StarDigital, is the lead game developer at Tamadoge.

He is joined by the growth ladder Karl Dawkinspreviously Marketing Manager at SocialBlox and Koda Crypto.

Its mass market appeal and solid business potential has seen presale gaining traction among crypto investors. 

As the crypto winter lingers, investors are more attuned to the potential of projects to attract active users and develop revenue streams.  

Leveraging Dogecoin’s brand strength and powerful proven mechanics of P2E, Tamadoge presents a narrative and growth-oriented runway that investors clearly find both exciting and viable. 

Buyers act quickly to buy tokens of the P2E game Tamadoge before the next price spike

More immediately, pre-sale buyers are drawn to the schedule of price increases, with each new tranche of token sales encouraging buyers looking to lock in a lower price. 

Presale buyers often see significant gains when coins coming out of the presale debut on an exchange.

Last week we reported how Battle Infinity was listed on Pancakeswap shortly after the pre-sale ended and immediately posted a 700% gain for its investors. 

To contribute to the Tamadoge fundraiser, interested parties need to connect to their crypto wallets, such as MetaMask or Trust Wallet buy.tamadoge.io. 

The TAMA token can be bought with USDT or ETH. 

Tamadoge runs on the Ethereum blockchain, the #1 decentralized application computing platform. 

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Tamadoge (TAMA) – The next big meme coin

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  • Beta Sale Ends September 2022 – tamadoge.io
  • Deflationary, low supply – 2 billion
  • Go to Earn, Metaverse Integration on the roadmap
  • NFT Doge Pets – Potential for mass adoption
  • Play to Earn Utility – Rewards Tokens

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