Polkadot Struggles to Surpass $24.50 Resistance |

Polkadot Struggles to Surpass $24.50 Resistance | 1
Polkadot Struggles to Surpass $24.50 Resistance | 2

Polkadot, a decentralized internet protocol that allows users to create customized blockchains and token-based applications, is seeing some selling pressure against the US dollar. It has reached a daily low of $24.77 on Binance. (Polkadot Struggles to Surpass $24.50 Resistance | aminexchange)

The Polkadot token (DOT) has been a hot commodity ever since it went live earlier this year. The token represents a non-minable cryptocurrency that will be used as the inter-blockchain transaction currency for the Polkadot network, which will serve as a foundation for the new web. The Polkadot network will connect public and private blockchains, and it will be the first blockchain that was built on the Ethereum blockchain. Polkadot was designed to be the solution to the scalability and flexibility problems that have plagued blockchain technology since its inception.

The Polkadot network, a proposed interoperable blockchain platform that focuses on marrying the security of the blockchain with the flexibility of smart contracts, has struggled to surpass $24.50 resistance in the past week. The token is currently trading at $24.53, down 6.8% in the past week. The cryptocurrency’s fall below $24.50 resistance has caused many investors to panic and has brought the token’s market cap down to $180 million. Each goal has a “Learning Point” or two that provide the practice in using the skills and concepts that go into writing a good introduction.. Read more about polkadot price prediction and let us know what you think.Polkadot is recovering from its recent losses, but the crypto-currency is still trying to overcome short-term resistance levels around $24.50. The cryptocurrency market has continued to recover from its recent plunge, with bitcoin up 4% and currently trading around $40,000 per coin. Ether is also recovering and is once again approaching the $3,000 mark. Polka dot is also recovering, with the cryptocurrency’s price rising 9.5% in the past 24 hours. However, it continues to try to break through its short-term resistance level, which is holding back a recovery. Still, some experts are positive about Polkadot’s long-term price potential. Predicting a top of the bull cycle: #Bitcoin at 350,000-450,000#Ethereum at 10,000-17,500#Polkadot at 250-350#Chainlink at 250-350#Cardano at 10-20#Zilliqa at 5-7#Elrond at 500-750#DIA at 50-75 Some of them may be conservative. – Michaël van de Poppe (@CryptoMichNL) 26. May 2021

Price expectation for Dot

Polkadot is one of the best crypto-currencies of the last 24 hours. The exchange rate of the DOT against the US dollar has risen by almost 10% in the past 24 hours. However, it has struggled to break above short-term resistance around $24.50. When the DOT/USD breaks through this resistance level, it will give the bulls the momentum to reach the next resistance point at $28.58. If the rally continues, the DOT could soon rise above $30. However, it still has a long way to go to reach the all-time high of $50 reached earlier this month. word-image-4415 4-hour chart of the DOT/USD. Source: Coincide DOT’s technical indicators are still bearish, but that’s understandable given the drop in the cryptocurrency’s price over the past week. If the DOT/USD fails to break above short-term resistance and continues to trade around the $23 level, speculators might suspect increased bearish activity. However, cautious sellers in a bearish market outlook should wait for small upside reversals within the polka dot to activate their short positions. You can apply for support as a profitable business. The DOT could drop below $20 if the bears take over the market again.Polkadot is trying to surpass 24.50 USD but it will be hard for them to do so because the coin has been in this price range now for a couple of weeks. This is the same price range as it was during the first week of February when it was trading at a value of about 39 cents. The price has been very stable and now it is at a value of 38 cents. There are some that believe that it is about to take off but some are not as optimistic and are saying that the price will stay where it is. Polkadot is a unique cryptocurrency that is attempting to solve some of the issues that Ethereum has with making the technology more accessible to a wider range of users. The platform is trying to. Read more about rococo v1 and let us know what you think.

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