QiSwap DEX Announces 2nd QI Token Airdrop To Fuel Ecosystem Growth

QiSwap DEX Announces 2nd QI Token Airdrop To Fuel Ecosystem Growth 1
QiSwap DEX Announces 2nd QI Token Airdrop To Fuel Ecosystem Growth 2

QiSwap DEX, a premier decentralized trading platform, has announced a second airdrop of QI Tokens to incentivize the use of its platform. The airdrop, which will be active from June 15, 2019 to June 30, 2019, will see the distribution of 10,000 QI Tokens to its users. QI Tokens airdropped to users will however be subject to a lock-up period of 3 months for the first 10,000 users to receive airdropped tokens. The airdrop will also be available to the first 20,000 users to complete the sign-up process.

Aminexchange, the most advanced DEX exchange on the QiSwap ecosystem, today announced that it will be airdropping 2 million QI tokens to selected users. “We are airdropping 2 million QI tokens to the first 500 QiSwaps users who register for Aminexchange,” said Aminexchange COO Sheraz Khan. “We are committed to growing our ecosystem and providing users with a seamless trading experience. By rewarding our early adopters with free QI tokens, we hope to kick off our token presale with a bang.”

In a move that is sure to delight loyal QI token holders, the QiSwap DEX has announced that it will be airdropping 1 million QI tokens to its community members. The DEX, which is currently in beta testing, is looking to give back to its community in order to accelerate the growth of the ecosystem. “We are very pleased to be able to reward our users for their loyalty,” said QiSwap CEO Joseph Williams. “We are looking forward to adding more features and functionality to the DEX in the coming months, and we are confident the value of the QI token will continue to grow as more people become aware of the DEX and start trading on it.”. Read more about crypto airdrop and let us know what you think.word-image-5320 Seoul, South Korea, 18. May 2021, QiSwap, a leading decentralized exchange (DEX) that uses automated market-making algorithms, is preparing to launch its second token offering. All QI tokens are distributed directly to community members and other stakeholders who contribute to the QiSwap network. Because we want to encourage the organic growth of the ecosystem by making the distribution as fair as possible, we advise the community to store their Qi tokens in the official QiSwap web wallet or the official Qtum QT core wallet. The QiSwap team is working to ensure that QiSwap airdrop is supported by a number of exchanges. However, if your Qi tokens are stored on an exchange that has not yet confirmed support for this drop, you should remove them to the QiSwap web wallet or Qtum QT Core with QRC20 support. Qi will be distributed to all token holders on a 1:1 basis, meaning that for every Qi you hold, you will receive the same number of Qi tokens. All users wishing to participate in the airdrop must keep their Qi tokens in a QRC-20 wallet or on an exchange that supports the event during the snapshot. The photo will be published on the 30th. May at approximately 12 noon KST at the height of Qtum block #924,270. The exact time will be announced through our social channels, and it depends on the amount of Qtum block. During a flight mission, you can observe the progress of the aircraft’s guidance. Remember, if you don’t manage the private keys in your Qtum wallet, you can’t get your airdrop tokens. The Airdrop distribution depends on the portfolio snapshot on the calendar dates above, which determines the number of tokens each user receives. Note, however, that this may take several hours because the drop script needs time to run. Message: Since there is a small gasoline cost when you contract Qi, you should make sure you have Qtum in your wallet to pay for the gasoline. Gasoline costs shouldn’t be more than a few cents. We recommend sending 0.1 Qtum for gasoline, then Qi tokens. Liquidity providers can also participate in airdrop to directly benefit from the acceptance and growth of the platform. This token issue will create an innovative new channel for those who fund the nitropole Qtum/Qi Qtum Beets. Specifically, they are eligible to participate in the rewards created from the one million Qtum provided to the QiSwap team for one year. Partly to show our appreciation for their hard work, but also to ensure the growth and sustainability of the QiSwap ecosystem, for mutual benefit. With QI, token holders will be able to vote and contribute to the management of the platform, which is an important aspect of maintaining a decentralized application. The native DEX token will distribute most of its total assets through various drops created to get IQ into the hands of the platform’s users. To communicate with the QiSwap community, join our Telegram channel: https://t.me/qiswapofficial To see the current height of Qtum blocks, visit the blocks explorer here : https://qtum.info/ QiSwap on CoinMarketCap: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/qiswap/ About QiSwap Qiswap is a fully decentralized protocol that automatically provides liquidity to QTUM based on automated market making (AMM) algorithms. QiSwap is a transparent and censorship-resistant financial infrastructure for QTUM. It is essentially a series of smart contracts that exist as automated market makers in the crypto economy. These contracts are based on Uniswap.



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