Samsung subsidiary to launch a Bitcoin Futures ETF

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Samsung Asset Management, a subsidiary branch of Samsung, in Hong Kong will list a Bitcoin Futures exchange traded fund (ETF), on the Hong Kong stock exchange tomorrow.

On January 13th, the Samsung Bitcoin Futures Active ETF will be listed on Hong Kong’s stock exchange. The ETF will track Bitcoin prices by investing in Bitcoin futures listed on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Most of the fund’s investment products will be chosen from the Chicago Exchange’s Bitcoin Futures. Other investment products will be selected from the pool at the Micro-Bitcoin Futures. As a crypto product, the Samsung Bitcoin Futures ETF joins the Hong Kong Futures ETF.

Following a surge of interest from national, institutional, and retail investors, the listing was completed.

Hong Kong Bitcoin Future Trading

Although there are other markets around the world that allow Bitcoin Futures trading, Hong Kong is the only one where Bitcoin Futures ETFs can be traded.

Park Seong-jin is the head of Samsung Asset Management Hong Kong.

“Hong Kong is Asia’s only place where Bitcoin futures ETFs can be listed and traded on the institutional market. This will offer investors an alternative product to Bitcoin that is comparable to their risk management em>.

Investors are very interested in the cryptocurrency market. This is because there is no legal framework in place to regulate where and how cryptocurrency assets can be traded. With Samsung’s strong reputation in the tech sector and Hong Kong’s regulatory stance, the exposure to Bitcoin (BTC) could shine a light on the cryptocurrency market without investors having to directly enter it. This could attract more investors to the Asian crypto market.

The first Coin Insider article was “Samsung subsidiary launches a Bitcoin Futures ETF”

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