Santos FC Fan Token Climbs 25% to $14 – Time to Buy?

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Santos FC’s win over São Paulo yesterday reflected a huge surge in the Santos FC Fan Token’s token value, which is currently up over 100% in the last seven days and is now trading at $14.

Santos FC has many footballing achievements

Santos FC is the biggest team in Vila Belmiro and has a huge fan base.

Santos FC fan token was launched in partnership with Binance to give fans the opportunity to further interact with their sports icons as well as give the football team a chance to earn more money and it was very lucrative.

The current fully diluted market cap of SANTOS peaked a few days ago and currently has a fully diluted market cap of over $400 million (although only 15% of the supply is in circulation).

Football fan tokens are becoming increasingly popular

Football fans have grown in popularity in recent years and many clubs are using them to enhance the fan experience, help fans interact more and provide a platform for education and speculation.

Furthermore, they can prove very fruitful in combination with other commercial ventures that football clubs are undertaking: the intersection of community, NFT and P2E games is a huge opportunity that many clubs want to seize.

Ronaldo signs with Binance

Binance has worked to create partnerships across popular culture, and in recent months has partnered with Cristiano Ronaldo, arguably the most famous soccer player in the world.

With almost 500 million followers on Instagram, Ronaldo is not only one of the most famous football players in the world, he is one of the most famous people in the world.

His brand influence spans a variety of different industries, including apparel, gaming, and perfume.

FC Porto enters the Metaverse

Portugal’s most successful football team, Oporto FC, has also made its entry into the Metaverse with Upland. Upland is quite a unique metaverse in terms of its structure, as the land and property that can be bought there directly mirrors that on Earth.

FC Porto bought their own stadium within the metaverse there that mirrors their stadium in the real world. Porto hope that the greater interaction with fans will allow for a more holistic experience.

The future value of football fan tokens

Fan tokens have the opportunity to completely revolutionize the way communities and followers engage with what they love.

Rather than just being customers of the brand, fan tokens can enable entire communities to take an active part in running and running a business or football team.

Everything can potentially be customized depending on how much a football club wants to decentralize its management. Clubs might choose to let their audience make many decisions about operations, but they probably won’t.

Something that might fit better with the football community’s incentives is giving the community the ability to vote on kit designs, choose what song is played when their team scores, qualify them for bigger discounts on merchandise, etc .

The future value of SANTOS and the future value of soccer fan tokens depends on a variety of different factors – most notably the sustainability of the product offering and the degree to which the product offering is exposed to exogenous shocks, such as competition or regulation.

However, one thing is certain: tokenized economies like these will not go away, and those who speculate correctly will reap incredible rewards.

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