Shiba Inu Price Pumps 23% in 24 hours – Time to Buy Shiba Inu and Tamadoge

Shiba Inu Price Pumps 23% in 24 hours – Time to Buy Shiba Inu and Tamadoge 1

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Meme coins are making a comeback as Shiba Inu leads the way with a 23% gain – and that’s excellent news for newcomer meme coins like Tamadoge to play with.

Shiba Inu is currently at $0.00001545 and the dogecoin is up almost 7.4% to $0.07858 amid signs of a broader return of confidence in crypto.

The return of buyers to the meme coin space is important as it is one of the crypto sectors thought to have been hurt the most by the downturn.

Shiba Inu and Tamadoge are meme coins with added value

And out of adversity comes opportunity. The crypto downturn of the last few months is accelerating changes across the complex, and for memecoins, that means a rush for value-added product offerings.

In this race, Shiba Inu is one of the leaders, but so is Tamadoge – even more so, in fact, since it’s designed from the start as a earning game.

Shiba Inu has redoubled its efforts to bring substantial value to its network and leverage its following, building a community of users as opposed to mere speculators.

Swap decentralized exchanges have been slowly gaining users and adding new pairs. There aren’t any major shocks yet, but it’s steady progress.

However, what has really caught the attention of investors and traders is the news from Vietnam that the game being developed there – Shiba Eternity – has reached the testing phase. How imminent a full global launch might be is not yet known. Still, it’s the signal of this progress on the development front that’s making buyers sit up and take notice.

Buy Tamadoge now

Tamadoge rides in the slipstream of the Shiba Inu

Why is this good for newcomers like Tamadoge? Well, let’s be a little more specific – it’s especially good for meme coin newbies bringing utility to market, as opposed to just another cutesy name and logo.

Tamadoge is on sale while raising funds for its play-to-earn game centered around its Tamadoge pet, where players imprint their NFT pet and raise it from birth to adulthood.

In doing so, players will earn rewards for their efforts as parents as they watch their pet improve in strength and skills, and hopefully climb the leaderboards.

Pets can also fight each other, and the Battle Leaderboard and Tamadoge Petstore will be up and running before the end of the year, according to the roadmap.

The player rewards are known as Dogepoints and are freely convertible into TAMA tokens.

Tamadoge is KYC ready and its smart contract is under audit

By merging the Tama-Pet idea with P2E and a broader Metaverse vision, the team behind the project – which is KYC on Coinsniper and verified by Solid Proof – makes an attractive and viable pitch for mass market adoption.

Although high-end gaming has seen a drop in user activity in recent months following the end of pandemic-related lockdowns, at the casual gaming end of the spectrum, this has not been the case. That, too, is good news for Tamadoge.

Tamadoge uses NFT technology but positions itself for the common consumer and not just for those who are already familiar with the world of crypto dapps.

It makes sense for SHIB buyers to look at Tamadoge to maximize the risk/reward tradeoff

If the increase in Shiba Inu price is a forward-looking indicator of a pick-up in sentiment in crypto, then it makes sense to cover this bet with the meme coin sets for the best risk-reward potential at this time . Therefore, it makes sense to buy SHIB and TAMA for a diversified, risk-controlled investment.

Tamadoge is at the beginning of its journey and when it comes out of pre-sale it will likely see a parabolic price increase given its current form.

The presale is barely three weeks old and has raised $3.5 million. One billion TAMA tokens are for sale (50% of the total supply) in tranches of 100 million, with the price increasing for each successive phase.

Tamadoge’s pre-sale pricing plan encourages in-the-know early bird investors to jump in as soon as resources allow.

Shiba Inu Price Pumps Up 23% In 24 Hours – Time To Buy Shiba Inu And Tamadoge – Here’s Why

Shiba Inu has broken out of the 0.50 Fib retracement line and has clearly surpassed the 0.786 level, so the price currently stands at $0.00001546.

SHIBUSD fib Aug 14, 2022

Bullish targets for SHIB are seen at 0.00002130 (see chart below)…

SHIB price chart 2130

and 0.00002809 (see diagram below).


Buying SHIB in mid-June at 0.00000732 would have returned 282%.

Shib risk return 282%

Tamadoge token price 1 USDT = 66.7 TAMA but the price will increase once buyers soak up TAMA

The Tamadoge presale added $300,000 as of yesterday and is now close to $3.6 million. There are 78.2 million TAMA tokens left from the current tranche.

Token is priced at 1 USDT = 66.7 TAMA, but that will increase to 1 USDT = 57.14 TAMA, so buyers will need to act quickly to lock in the current price.

tamadoge presale 14 august

To buy TAMA you need to use USDT or ETH, but there is also a fiat option. For more information on how to buy Tamadoge in advance, visit our dedicated page.

Connect your crypto wallet to the site, buy your allotment, then return to the site when the pre-sale ends to claim your tokens.

Centralized exchange listings are likely to be up and running quickly. It has already been confirmed that the LBank exchange will list the TAMA token.

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