Stars Arena Social App Hacked, Loses $3 Million in AVAX

Last Updated on 29 seconds by Alex Stevanovic

In the wake of a viral launch less than a week ago, Avalanche’s rising star, Stars Arena, has fallen victim to a significant security breach. The incident has left the platform in disarray, with attackers capitalizing on a vulnerability within a smart contract designed to safeguard tokens on this popular social application.

The attackers successfully drained approximately $3 million worth of AVAX tokens from Stars Arena, resulting in a depletion of the platform’s funds, which now stand at just under $1. The first signs of trouble emerged during the early hours of Saturday in the Asian time zone when an alert Twitter user, @0xLawliette, appeared to hint at an impending exploit. Subsequently, another user, @0xlilitch, raised concerns about potential security vulnerabilities.

Confirming the severity of the situation, Stars Arena’s development team took to Twitter on Saturday morning to acknowledge the attack.

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