Top brands that are driving NFT adoption

Top brands that are driving NFT adoption 1

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are all the rage right now, and new investors are heading out to buy and keep unique collectibles from well-known and emerging artists. While art is the most recognizable expression in the NFT space, space offers many more digital assets and leading brands have worked to incorporate the concept into their own marketing and products. In it, we examine some of the leading brands who pioneered and led the adoption of NFT.


“A celebration of sport and a future in which digital goods inspire physical activity.”

ASICS was one of the first sportswear brands to rely on NFT and launched a limited-edition collection of digital shoes in July 2021. The brand’s NFT collection, the “Sunrise red“Offers digital ASICS sneakers as well as a collection of unique items that are listed under the” Gold Edition “.

Not only did ASICS embrace the idea of ​​the NFTs as one of the pioneers in introducing innovative technology and art, but the NFTs also have a lean towards social justice, with the proceeds supporting the digital artists behind the work. According to ASICS, this project marks “a celebration of sport and a first step in building a future where digital goods inspire physical activity”.


Before ASICS launched its own NFT, Puma tested the waters of digital fashion in partnership with the same company behind Iridescence, an NFT that took the art world by storm with the first digital fashion that sold for $ 9,500 at the Ethereal Summit. The Fabricant, the art house that created Iridescence, worked with Puma to create an NFT collection called Day Zero. The core concept of the collection is to focus on reducing the environmental impact of fashion. According to Puma, the collection has reduced the resources required for sampling, handling and travel for the collection by 30%.


“NFT and Metaverse artists take the iconicity of the brand and give it a fresh, modern touch.”

The giant with red bottles entered the world of digital assets with 3D creators at Tafi in July 2021 and held an auction for a special edition of the NFT collection. The collection with virtual loot boxes (called “Friendship Boxes”) was part of a fundraising initiative, the proceeds of which went to the Special Olympics. Inspired by video game loot, the virtual loot boxes revealed various unique digital items such as a Coca-Cola digital bubble jacket, trading cards, and one of his retro Coca-Cola fridges.

From a financial perspective, Coca-Cola’s foray into the Metaverse was a huge success as the collectors’ collection won a hammer price of $ 575,883.61.

Taco Bell

“Can now live in your hearts, stomachs and digital wallets.”

The fast food company took advantage of the NFT craze earlier in the year and launched a collection of digital taco collectibles in March. The collection included five different NFTs, each sold in groups of five. On the first sale, each NFT was $ 1.79 (with Taco Bell earning 0.01% of future sales). Now, some of the taco-themed NFTs are available for nearly $ 200,000.

Our Spicy Potato Soft Tacos can now live in your hearts, stomachs and digital wallets.

– Taco Bell (@tacobell) March 8, 2021


“Accelerates the digital transformation to serve athletes and creatives.”

Nike jumped into the NFT game two years ago with the patent of CryptoKicks, a spin on CryptoKitties.

However, the world’s leading shoe brand has just announced the acquisition of RTFKT, a virtual sneaker and collector’s brand. RTFKT announced the news, stating that the move is being driven by a passion for innovative innovation in creativity and community. To to Nike President and CEO John Donahoe, the acquisition will help “[accelerate] Nikes digital transformation and [allow them] To serve athletes and creative people at the interface of sport, creativity, gaming and culture. “

RTFKT is now part of the NIKE, Inc. family. 🌐👁🗨

– RTFKT studios (@RTFKTstudios) December 13, 2021

Pizza Hut

“Available for an extremely limited time, but will last forever.”

At the beginning of the year, Pizza Hut launched an NFT collection with different digital slices as artwork every week. The idea was to sell the very limited NFTs at extremely low prices (like a slice of pizza). The first slices were then sold for Ethereum valued at $ 0.18. Weeks later, the NFT was re-listed for $ 9,000.

The digital Mona Pizza is just around the corner. Pizza Hut presents 1 Byte Favorites, a highly exclusive NFT stamping of 1 Byte pizzas, each for the price of 1 bite of pizza. Available for an extremely limited time but will last forever.

– Pizza Hut Canada (@PizzaHutCanada) March 17, 2021


“It’s time to dive into the world of limitless possibilities”

In early December, Adidas announced that it was partnering with the massive NFT collection Bored Ape Yacht Club, gmoney NFT and PUNKS Comic. Details of the collaboration are not yet known at the time of writing, but the brand has stated that the goal is to see customers and fans of the brand with the opportunity to “express their most original ideas and be their most authentic selves”. Metaverse offers.

Today we jump into the metaverse @BoredApeYC, @gmoneyNFT & @punkscomic.

It’s time to dive into a world of unlimited possibilities.

– adidas Originals (@adidasoriginals) December 2, 2021


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