Trader “RocketBomb” Puts Pizzazz into Financial Education

Trader “RocketBomb” Puts Pizzazz into Financial Education 1
Trader “RocketBomb” Puts Pizzazz into Financial Education 2

HedgeTrade was happy to have an interview with social trader RocketBomb this summer. She’s created a dynamic social trading community, sharing insights with her many followers with enthusiasm and an engaging brand of financial education. 

RocketBomb’s charts are often featured in TradingView’s Ideas page, and she also shares them with her Telegram groups, which are highly active places filled with trader engagement. Her VIP group gets access to additional trading calls and charts. Additionally, RocketBomb’s track record is transparently made available to the public group on a shared spreadsheet.

So without further ado, we invite you to learn about this vibrant crypto trader. Be sure to check out some of the amazing trading content she provides for free to a highly engaged audience.

Q. How did you first get into trading?

I flew into the market on hype at the end of 2017, when everyone was expecting “eternal growth” of Bitcoin. ?? And I believed in that. 

At the beginning, I simply followed the <<buy-and-hold>> principle. Then my interest in that was replaced by thrill. I probably thought then that I was born trader??, that I had grabbed God by the beard, that I was super professional.??? I felt euphoric right up to the first strong drop in 2018, when prices had already reached the point of my first purchase.

Q. Did you start out trading forex, and if so, what was your transition to crypto like?

Yes, the Forex market is very special for me. I feel calm trading there. I have a completely different strategy compared to the crypto market.

Q. Could you offer an example of something you do differently with crypto trading?

As a day trader in the Forex markets. I never leave open trades on the next day. At the end of the day, I summarize the results of my work done. I analyze my mistakes. So during the day on the Forex market, I deftly turn from a bull to a bear?. My profit depends on it. I can say that I trade what I see! I like to be different. Try myself in different roles. And it helps because I want to become an even more successful trader. After all, success comes to someone who develops and doesn’t stop.

Q. What are your biggest challenges to growing your audience?

There are no challenges, I am pleased with my results from 3 months of blogging. I just remain myself, I share my experience, I continue developing and those who are on the same wave with me remain with me.?

Q. What do you like most about crypto trading?

Adrenaline, drive, a feeling of racing on the bulls! ???

Q. If you could give one piece of advice to a brand new crypto trader, what would it be?

To be prepared for difficulties and have a great desire to develop; then success is guaranteed??

Q. Could you give an example of a difficulty novices might face on first entering the cryptosphere?

Of course, the main mistake of all newbies is the desire for quick money. Often they think they can make money in a couple of days. That’s a myth. There is no such thing on the market. Trading is a job. And in any job – you are a bad employee without knowledge. Losing money quickly is easy, but making money? It won’t work quickly without knowledge!

Another difficulty is emotions…I have experienced many times all the emotions that I have depicted on the graph below, you can look at it:

Trader “RocketBomb” Puts Pizzazz into Financial Education 3

“To become successful, you need to take control of your emotions. Without that, it’s impossible to become a professional.”

– RocketBomb

Q. How does Telegram work for your trading group?

Great … haha ? (editor’s note* – we met on Telegram!)


That concludes our social trader interview with RocketBomb. Hopefully, it gave you an inside glimpse as to what it takes to succeed in trading. At HedgeTrade, it’s our mission to create the best trading experience possible. These trader interviews help us tremendously in learning about what life is like for crypto traders, so we can create the features and tools that make the trader’s life better. Thanks to traders like RocketBomb, we learn about the intriguing financial education strategies that will take us all into the era of open finance!

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