UNA Blockchain Unveils Revolutionary Automotive Tracking Concept – CoinCentral

UNA Blockchain Unveils Revolutionary Automotive Tracking Concept – CoinCentral 1
UNA Blockchain Unveils Revolutionary Automotive Tracking Concept – CoinCentral 2

UNA Blockchain Unveils Revolutionary Automotive Tracking Concept – CoinCentral 3

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The UNA Blockchain team has announced the creation of a new blockchain-based application aimed at tracking the movements of vehicles in real time. Currently in the testing phase, the app is designed for use in the automotive industry, and would be useful for monitoring stolen vehicles, as well as for providing origin and destination information for rental vehicles.

UNA Blockchain Limited announced today that they are planning to develop a system for tracking vehicles by using the blockchain technology. The new system, which is called UNA Chain, will be available for tracking the movement of vehicles. It is one of the first times that a blockchain based system has been used for this purpose. Currently, the company is running an investment program, where people can invest in UNA tokens.

One company, UNA Blockchain, a subsidiary of Hopium, is working on integrating decentralized layered cryptocurrencies into cars.

Hopium, the company’s parent company, specializes in developing hydrogen cars for a greener environment and will be one of the first to test the technology in the real world. UNA’s blockchain technology is primarily used to track vehicle emissions, writing the data to a blockchain.

It will also be able to interface with vehicle safety subsystems to provide additional protection functions. For car owners who want to set restrictions on drivers, this option will be available, which will work by checking driver credentials on the blockchain and blocking unauthorized drivers.

Additionally, the automated feature is programmed to store user profiles in a blockchain where they cannot be changed or hacked, further increasing the security of the car. There will be restrictions on approved users that prohibit certain drivers from performing certain actions. Access to the glove box may be e. B. being reserved for certain people.

The UNA Automotive Blockchain system will allow car manufacturers, owners and dealers to verify a vehicle’s history. Associated recorded information includes installation of original spare parts since leaving the assembly line, number of owners and mileage.

With crucial statistics of vehicle usage recorded on the blockchain, the emission levels of a particular vehicle and driver can be verified and reduced to zero. These important data are available to Hopium engineers for analysis and are also shared with environmental agencies and other interested parties as needed.

In addition, the UNA Blockchain system will capture the driver’s personal preferences, which can be transferred to different cars if the driver wishes.

Quality and safety assurance

UNA Blockchain is designed to improve vehicle safety through a multi-layered formula. The use of quality components is one of the key elements sought in the system. Once installed, partner manufacturers’ unique tokens can be signed on the blockchain to authenticate them.

This approach ensures that UNA customers receive vehicles manufactured with high-quality OEM parts and helps to identify problems that occur with certain manufacturers and parts, particularly in the event of a failure.

The UNA Blockchain company aims to combine mobility, emission reduction, transparency and security through blockchain technology.

UNA Blockchain Unveils Revolutionary Automotive Tracking Concept – CoinCentral 4 UNA Blockchain Unveils Revolutionary Automotive Tracking Concept – CoinCentral 5

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