Why HedgeTrade is the Trading App You Need

Why HedgeTrade is the Trading App You Need 1
Why HedgeTrade is the Trading App You Need 2Why HedgeTrade is the Trading App You Need 3Why HedgeTrade is the Trading App You Need 4Why HedgeTrade is the Trading App You Need 5

What is the HedgeTrade trading app? And why do you need it?

HedgeTrade is a forecasting social trading platform that is ideally suited for amateur cryptocurrency traders to learn -and experts to earn!

The Who

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Traders use the HEDG token to put a stake on the market predictions created by more experienced traders using the platform. The predictions are made with proprietary “Blueprints” on the blockchain-based platform. The novice can then purchase the trade predictions from others on the platform with HEDG tokens.

But this is not your hum-drum social trading platform or your mother’s stockbroker! (You know, the ones who offers advice, but just shrugs and shakes their heads when the hunch doesn’t pay off).

HedgeTrade is a monetized prediction market. That means that if you purchase a Blueprint that is not correct, your HEDG tokens are automatically refunded.

The idea behind the creation of HedgeTrade is accountability. If you are a trader who is willing to share your trade predictions -you better be ready to put your money where your market predictions are. 

The What

The app works by combining social networking with a transparent blockchain-run platform. So, once you have made a crypto-market prediction, you publish it as a blueprint for others to purchase using HEDG. 

It is in the best interest of every Blueprint creator to share only quality information that they truly believe in. That’s because, if your prediction turns out to be wrong, the platform will automatically refund those who purchased your market prediction.  

However, if you know what you are talking about, and continue to make accurate predictions about the crypto-market, then YOUR stock with increase! That’s right, the HedgeTrade platform builds accountability by rewarding the profiles of those who make accurate predictions. The more accurate predictions you make, the more HEDG your advice is worth. 

As for the newbies, it is by gaining access to market insights that you can become better traders yourselves. There is no need to publish Blueprints on the platform, you can start out by using HEDG to buy the predictions, or by betting against predictions you think are inaccurate.

Once you are more comfortable trading cryptocurrency and have a better understanding of the market, you will be able to make your own predictions that others can purchase.

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The How 

If the Blueprint purchased is wrong, then it is completed as a “Closed Failure.” In this case, the HEDG that was staked on the Blueprint is returned to those who purchased it. 

But if the Blueprint is correct, then the proceeds of the sale are earnings for the creator. That means that the more accurate the predictions are they more profitable they are!

To see who the top traders are, you simply need to follow their profile and view all of their past predictions, how much they earn, and profit percentages. The costs of taking bad advice are limited because the apps rely on a unique blockchain-verified system. 

The Leader Board

Your next question may be: how do I know who the expert traders are? See the Leader board.

The HedgeTrade app about incentivizing quality social trading, this way the app works for both the new and seasoned crypto-trader. 

In order for a trader’s Blueprints to be more profitable, they want to make it to the leaderboard. On this trading app, only correct trading blueprints are profitable. So, if the more accurate the market predictions are, the faster traders earn HEDG and make their way to the leader board.

Win, Lose, or Neutral 

So, how does the payout work on the HedgeTrade platform? 

When you use the trading app there are a few potential outcomes: successful, unsuccessful or neutral.

At the time the Blueprint expires, that is after the time of the trade prediction is passed, the blockchain-varified smart-contract will finish the transaction. 

So if the Blueprint is successful, the creator receives 70% of the HEDG that were earned through the stake on the Blueprint. The rest is a commission charge for using the platform and goes to HedgeTrade to keep things running on the backend. 

But if your Blueprint was successful but no other users staked their HEDG, then a 10% commission is charged on the staked HEDG tokens. And the rest is returned to the original owner/maker of the Blueprint.

Now, if the Blueprint is unsuccessful, a 30% commission charge is also made on the HEDG tokens that belong to the creator. That is, the creator is on the hook for a fee for the original HEDG that they staked. And in this case, the HEDG that was used to purchase the unsuccessful Blueprint is returned to those who bought the prediction. 

The other potential outcome is for the Blueprint to close neutral. This means that the prediction failed to hit both the Entry and Exit values. In this case, there is a 10% fee on the HEDG tokens that the creator staked. And the users who bought the Blueprint will receive a full refund.

The Lucky Seven

There is one more incentive to know about. If a Blueprint closes as unsuccessful, the first seven who purchased the prediction are the “lucky first seven.” That means that from the 30% commission charge on the creator’s staked tokens the first seven buyers will receive extra hedge, as well as the original HEDG used to purchase the Blueprint.

User Friendly

The HedgeTrade platform was designed with usability at the forefront. The platform offers a simple clear process on a clean platform. Deposits and withdrawals from your digital wallet on the trading app are straightforward and easy. 

There are several trading pairs offered to purchase HEDG tokens, including Bitcoin. HEDG can also be purchased on several major crypto-exchanges. 

Why HedgeTrade is the Trading App You Need 6

YouTube Channel: How To Walk-Throughs

If you are new to the trading app, be sure to watch these 3 instructional videos. 

Each video is less than 5 minutes long, and they take you through the process of setting up an account, staking, and how Blueprints work. 

Articles and Analytics 

The HedgeTrade app is supported by a wealth of information on finance, cryptocurrency, and blockchain technology. To access any of this information, be sure to visit the HedgeTrade Blog

If you want help working through trading analysis on the platform, then start with:

Why You Need This Trading App

If you trade crypto or are interested in trading crypto, then the HedgeTrade app is an absolute must. 

HedgeTrade’s market prediction blueprints are built on Ethereum’s blockchain and rely on automated smart-contracts. What does that mean? It means that the app functions with the best technology behind it to ensure that the trade predictions are completely transparent.

The app offers transparency by ensuring that through blockchain encryption, all blueprints are stored immutably. This is crucial because it means very important things. 

First off, profiles are built by demonstrating their reliability and knowledge, and the profile cannot be erased. And second, your HEDG and money are secure because the smart-contracts ensure that incorrect predictions are automatically refunded. 

The HedgeTrade platform unites novice traders and seasoned traders through a proprietary blockchain-verified platform. By using this trading app, beginners are able to intelligently gain insight into how professional traders work.

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