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Your One Stop Shop For Secure Crypto Trading 2

The market is a big place full of all kinds of trends, and sometimes it can get difficult to navigate the maze of new cryptocurrencies, exchanges, and other cryptocurrency tools.  With this in mind, we have proudly designed our wallet and exchange as a single platform for all of your cryptocurrency trading needs.  With our platform, you will be able to not only trade cryptocurrencies, but also invest in ICOs, store digital assets, and more.

What if I told you that it’s possible to trade on cryptocurrency exchanges without having to worry about the price of your assets? Have you ever been caught in the middle of an altcoin’s volatility and wondered what the best way to manage your crypto portfolio is? This article will show you how you can benefit from the security and stability of a dedicated crypto trading platform while still enjoying the flexibility and fast execution of a peer-to-peer exchange.

With cryptocurrency trends skyrocketing, it is no wonder that trading crypto becomes an extremely profitable business. However, not every crypto trader has the skills and experience required to start trading, which makes it difficult for newbies to find ways to trade successfully. That is why you will find that the best crypto brokers are ready to serve you with their outstanding services.. Read more about what is crypto trading and let us know what you think.With changing scenarios and rapidly changing market conditions, it has become a necessity for professional traders to have accounts on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges to make the most of opportunities. However, spreading investments across different trading venues can complicate investment management and lead to losses if not done properly. In this blog, we’re going to look at a crypto terminal that allows you to combine your investments across different exchanges, track performance, trade, create strategies and backtest, all on one platform. The CryptX terminal is a one-stop solution for managing all your crypto-currency trading needs. Let’s take a closer look at the platform.

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Overview: CryptX Terminal Overview

word-image-5639 CryptX is a blockchain and FinTech services company based in Tbilisi, Georgia, and known for its products such as CryptX Wallet, a multi-currency wallet, and Cryptal Exchange. It also offers various related services related to the development of the cryptocurrency market. Development of the CryptX terminal began in 2018 and is scheduled to begin in February 2021. In 2020, the team received a grant from the Georgia Innovation and Technology Agency to support the development of the platform. CryptX Terminal supports API links to 10 different cryptocurrency exchanges and allows you to set up seven different types of bots for automated trading.

Exchange is supported

word-image-5640 Currently, CryptX Terminal supports API links from 10 of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges, so you can trade, manage orders and holdings, and monitor the market through your own CryptX Terminal account. The following exchanges are supported:

  • Binance,
  • Squatting,
  • KuCoin,
  • HitBTC,
  • OKEx,
  • Coinbase Pro,
  • Bittrex,
  • Bitfinex, and
  • Bitstamp.

CryptX properties

word-image-5641 The CryptX terminal has a very elegant user interface that allows you to quickly start the process of connecting to exchanges and making transactions. Some of the more sophisticated features of the terminal include: Scheduled trading bots: The terminal offers two categories of bots, one of which is used for portfolio management strategies, and the other – for making trading strategies. In a portfolio management strategy, you can use the accumulator and multi-order accumulator to manage the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies. While CryptX Terminal offers seven different types of bots for trading strategies including Arbitrage, Bollinger Band, Combo, Moving Average Conversion/Divergence, Order Chain, Relative Strength Index. You can combine and backtest different strategies to find the most effective trading strategy for you. Analytical reporting and KPIs: You can analyze your past results and export built-in trade reports to share among your group of traders. With the terminal, you can create a customizable report that helps to analyze and compare different trading strategies with the set goals and make appropriate predictions for the future. Market Overview: You can get an overview of the market and access all the information at the touch of a button, without having to switch from one stock exchange to another. It allows you to quickly find prices and execute trades on multiple exchanges and track the performance of your portfolio in a compact, easy-to-understand format.

Plans price

word-image-5642 The CryptX terminal offers three pricing plans to its users, and you can choose based on your preferences and trading needs. The fee schedule includes:

  • Startup Plan(free): Suitable for advanced traders and beginners, you can open an account and connect up to two exchanges.

With this plan you can trade up to a maximum of $10,000 per month, have an active bot, one backtest per day, monthly KPI reporting and access to standard support.

  • Comprehensive plan ($37 per month): Suitable for advanced or professional traders, you can have an unlimited number of accounts and connect to more than 10 exchanges.

Under this plan, your maximum monthly trading limit is $1,000,000, you get ten active bots, 100 backtests per day, an annual KPI report, and access to standard support.

  • Professional plan ($74 per month): Suitable for professional traders who want to trade large volumes. With the professional plan, you can have an unlimited account and connect up to 10+ exchanges.

The plan has no monthly trading volume limit, can have an unlimited number of trading robots, 1000 backtests per day, lifetime KPI reports and access to dedicated VIP support. For Advanced and Advanced plans, the first month is free for all users.

Connection to CryptX terminal

word-image-5643 The registration process of the CryptX terminal is easy and can be completed in a few minutes. You must register for the CryptX terminal by providing your email address and verifying it to complete the registration process. No KYC document is required to access the terminal’s functions. After successful registration, log into your account, go to the Account section and click on Add Account to log into the exchange, providing the passphrase, public key and private key for your account to the exchange. Once added, you can visit the dashboard section of the terminal where you can get an overview of your portfolio performance, trading history, past trades, portfolio distribution (by stock market) and your active bots. In the Bots section there are several bots you can choose from, depending on your trading preferences.


CryptX Terminal is a storage-free platform, which means that the platform does not store your digital assets on its own. Other safety features of the platform are

  • Architectural safety: It includes security features like two-factor authentication (2FA) to protect your assets and reduce the risk of fraud and account abuse.
  • Infrastructure safety: The web server and end application are hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to ensure maximum platform security.
  • Organizational safety: The CryptX terminal has received ISO/IEC 27001 certification, which meets the highest standards for information security and fraud prevention.

Customer service

To get help or troubleshoot terminal issues, you can create a support ticket with your email address, which will be answered by the CryptX terminal managers. You can also contact them on social media through their Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter accounts. They also have an extensive knowledge base with general information about the platform, how to connect to the exchange and how to automate with bots.

Conclusion: Do I need to register for CryptX Terminal?

The CryptX terminal is made for serious traders who want to improve the quality of their transactions and increase their profitability without the complexity of managing multiple trading accounts. With the CryptX terminal, you can simplify your trading and automate your trading process easily. It offers a clean and user-friendly trading interface that is easy to understand and can be used even by a beginner familiar with technical trading indicators. One of the main advantages of using the CryptX terminal is that it is cheaper than other platforms offering similar services. Trading cryptocurrency has its risks, but the CryptX terminal helps to minimize those risks and improve your cryptocurrency trading.Traditional cryptocurrency platforms such as Coinbase and CoinBase are great for exchanging from one cryptocurrency to another, but they are far too centralized—more so than traditional banks—and have too many downsides (including high fees, lack of transparency and security). Instead, traders looking to buy and sell cryptocurrencies are better off sticking to more decentralized platforms such as Binance.. Read more about is cryptocurrency legal and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most secure crypto exchange?

Cryptocurrencies are the future, and with 2018 being the year of cryptocurrencies, many have tried their hand at making the best cryptocurrency exchange to buy and sell crypto. We have compiled a list of the top 10 most secure cryptocurrency exchanges from around the world, so that you don’t have to try and look for the few that are legit and safe. Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that uses encryption and blockchain technology to make financial transactions secure and anonymous. The purpose of the blockchain technology is to log and verify all transactions that take place. If the blockchain is hacked or any fraudulent activity is carried out, the funds will be canceled. While Bitcoin is the most popular and most widely used cryptocurrency, it is not the only one in the market. Bitcoin is still the dominant cryptocurrency when it comes to market capitalization and total number of coins in circulation but the market is diversifying. Today, Bitcoin is only the number one cryptocurrency in the world; however, there are some other alternatives I will talk about in this blog post.

Is Coinbase good for trading Crypto?

Coinbase is one of the leading US-based cryptocurrency exchanges, making it a great place to send and receive crypto. The ease of use and security of Coinbase makes it an attractive place for beginners to learn about cryptocurrency. Coinbase is a web-based wallet and exchange that supports Coinbase’s own crypto-currency (CoinbaseCoin), as well as Ethereum, Bitcoin and Litecoin. It can trade these cryptocurrencies for USD, EUR and GBP, and USD for the four aforementioned cryptocurrencies. It also provides services like payment processing, merchant services and consumer upgrades. Coinbase also has a desktop application for both Windows and Mac, which have an intuitive interface and easy to use features.

What is the most secure exchange to buy Bitcoin?

We have been following the crypto market for a few years, but we have been consistently impressed by the level of security brought by the exchanges we have used. Out of the many that we have tried, three stand out for their reliability and security. We have also seen that the number of options available is far more than we need, and we decided to consolidate these into a single list for you, on our blog. In this post we will talk about the most secure exchange we have used in the past, and you will find the link to the post on our website. The exchange that we will be talking about in this post is called “aminexchange”. Now that alternative crypto exchanges are popping up, you can buy and sell Bitcoin and other alt coins directly from your web browser. These are known as “decentralized exchanges” as they do not rely on a third party to act as an intermediary. One of the most well-known decentralized exchanges is LocalBitcoins, which offers a peer-to-peer trading service.

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